The Importance Of Diet And Exercise In Drug Addiction Recovery

The Importance Of Diet And Exercise In Drug Addiction Recovery

Going through rehab can cause you to feel the lowest of lows. It’s critical to have a support system in place along with a few activities or hobbies which help to lift your spirits.

Focus on activities which help you feel good about yourself. Boosting your self esteem is important as you wade through temptations on the road to recovery. Engage in activities which lift your spirits. Cut out energy-draining habits which simply put you in a bad mood.

Your feeling good is the most important thing as a recovering drug addict. Your moment to moment choices dictate if you feel good or not. You choose. You decide. You are in complete control of the thoughts that you choose, and in doing so you can begin to mold the life of your dreams and leave your demons of the past behind for good.


Exercising is an instant energy booster. Simply getting up from your computer and walking around increases your blood flow, lifts your spirits and can help you to feel happier about yourself and your prospects in life.

Consider joining a gym to engage in cardiovascular activity and resistance training. By working out persistently in the weight room you can develop a high energy hobby which keeps you occupied and can boost your self esteem too.

If you decide not to join the gym try walking around your neighborhood. Anything which entails sustained movement and increases your heart rate can help to lift your mood.

You can also go hiking in the woods to get a great workout and soak in the beauty of nature. Nothing is more important than moving your attention to activities which help you feel good. Do this persistently and you will likely slay the demons of temptation which will pop up in your mind occasionally.

Exercise at least 5 to 6 times per week for 30 minutes or more daily. Did you know it only takes 25 minutes of physical activity to trigger production of mood enhancing- chemicals? This means exercise can serve as an immediate mood booster.


Even if you happen to be in good shape dieting can help you through your rehabilitation efforts. The food and drink you decide to put in your mouth plays a massive part in how you feel about yourself. Your body is your home and what you ingest fuels your home.

If you consistently eat sugary or fatty foods you will experience high highs and a sudden crash after, a sensation consistent with a drug high and crash, albeit at a lower intensity. At worst, these mini-highs might influence you to seek a stronger high, which could lead you down a destructive path. At best, you will likely gain weight and feel bad about yourself, damaging your self esteem and influencing you to make low energy choices.

Eat a balanced diet rich with lean proteins like turkey breast, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats like olive oil. Consume at least 3 meals a day. Eating a healthy diet helps you to feel better about yourself and could aid in reducing cravings for a high that you seek when you feel down.

Exercise. Diet. Engage in these 2 high energy activities to help you through your recovery.

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