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Introduction to ITIL:

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) provides a set of key concepts and best practices for the management of IT operations and the other related IT services efficiently. It mainly concentrates on the key areas of IT management, service support and the service delivery which helps an individual to build a sound career in the field of IT management. The certifications provided by the ITIL are core to the professionals of IT department. Basically the ITIL provides 3 levels of professional certifications to the IT professional which increases their compatibility in their related fields. The basic level certification is the foundation certification, then the Practitioner Certification and the highest level there is Manager Certification. The Foundation Certification basically deals with the service support, service management and the background of basic level IT management. The Practitioner Certification deals with the various aspects relates to the process of application, in which the service management takes place. And lastly, the Manager Certification deals with the IT professionals and the IT service management process on the whole. All these certifications are achieved by passing some exams and all these exams are conducted by the Exin.


The ITIL-F Certification:

As mentioned above, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library-Foundation is the basic level certification which is offered by ITIL. This certificate in IT Service Management is actually the prerequisite for the other ITIL Certifications. The main object of this foundation level of certification is to prepare the individuals for the basic level of IT service support and the service management.

Exam code for Certificate in IT Management Service:

The code of this certificate is ITIL-F. And as this certification requires the candidate to pass an exam so for the ITIL-F certification the exam code is EX0-101. The exam is offered by Exin which is the most authentic exam taker agency.

Prerequisites for the ITIL-F certification exam:

There are no prerequisites for taking the EX0-101 exam in order to get the ITIL-F certification. But some familiarity with the IT service support and delivery will be much beneficial for the candidates who are taking the exam.

The targeted audiences:

The ILIL-F certification is offered to the IT Professionals, persons working in a business which runs according to ITIL and working in IT management groups. This certification will increase their credibility towards their IT management skills and they will know how the ITIL system works.

The nature of the exam for ITIL-F Certification:

This EX0-101 Exam will be based on the format of multiple choice questions. The candidate will be tested on the skills related to the IT service support and service delivery.

Total number of questions in the EX0-101 exam:

In the EX0-101 exam there will be total 40 numbers of questions in the exam. All questions will be multiple choice questions and the candidates are required to choose the most suitable answer among the given options.

Registration for the ITIL-F certification:

The candidates can contact either the Prometric or the Pearson VUE for the registration of the ITIL-F certification.