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Attire for any Occasion
The suit. An outfit in most men’s wardrobe which is recycled for Weddings, Christenings, Job Interviews, Bar Mitzvahs and Funerals. When such a social occasion arises it is easy to see who has spent time in crafting their look and who has invested in a supermarket cast off. All too often we see the suit which is basically taking refuge on a mans frame with no consideration given to the rule of of thumb method or height of the man in question. The suit is a purchase which should scrutinised to the finest detail to ensure the right decision is made, after all you may get a few years out of one suit so it is well worth the investment.

The Style
The Italian style suit seems to be a suit which is consistently in vogue. The classic single breasted Mod style is a style worn through the ages and has been pioneered by celebrities such as Sean Connery, Paul Weller and Jude Law.  As this style of suit is not planning to enter the doldrums just yet, this is the right suit to invest in. This style of suit is simple and chic in design, it can translate into both informal and formal occasions and doesn’t necessarily have to be worn with a shirt and tie combo. Many choose to implement their own style on this suit by wearing it with a polo neck or turtleneck.

The Cut
The all important principle of an Italian suit is the cut. So fellows, you will have to have your particulars taken down by a tailor. OK, so it might mean the suit is a tad more expensive, but think of all the admirers who will be in awe of your look. By having a made to measure suit, the tailor will be able to adjust any design to best complement your frame and unique features, meaning if you have anything to hide or lift then tailors can accommodate for this.

The Colour
The best tip is to keep it simple with the colour. Bespoke Italian Suits traditionally are black, light grey, dark grey or navy blue in colour. If a tailor suggests extremes of these variations explain the classic look is the overall aim. These colours are very slimming as well, so if inbetween social get togethers a few pounds in weight have been added, you won’t necessarily have to worry about anyone noticing.

Having a well crafted suit shouldn’t be the end of the details. Close attention has to be paid to shoes, belts, style of shirt and cufflinks (if wearing a full buttoned shirt). When it comes to the shoes, black is the only colour of shoes which should be considered. As the Italian suit will come with a tapered trouser leg, a Loafer or Chelsea Boot is essential to fully attenuate the workmanship of the trousers. Again with the belt, black is the only option, a leather belt with silver buckle will complement a suit of any quality. To add a personal consider a handkerchief for the jacket pocket, purely for aesthetic reasons but goes along way to separate your suit from everyone elses.

Author Bio
Leonard Bywater has been styling clients for over 30 years. Leonard currently specialises in mens retro fashion from the 1950’s and 60’s.