The Many Benefits of Constructing a Pergola in Your Backyard

Many homeowners today are considering installing a pergola in their backyard to add function and beauty to their space. A pergola typically is a free-standing structure that features beautiful posts or columns and a latticework roof. However, the option to customize the pergola with a closed roof or to adjoin it to a structure, such as to your home or to a pool house, is available to you. There are many benefits associated with constructing a pergola in your backyard, and exploring them in more detail will provide you with the opportunity to determine if this is a structure you want to add to your space.

Adding Function in a Strategic Location in Your Yard
A pergola is a type of outdoor shelter. Most are open-air structures that allow partial sunlight to stream in underneath, but a full ceiling can be installed on a pergola to add additional protection from the elements if needed. These are most commonly placed near a swimming pool, near or over an outdoor living or dining area, as an entrance way to a beautiful garden and more. They serve to block at least a portion of the sunlight from these areas where you, your family and guests often congregate. They also allow you to further define these spaces as separate areas from the rest of the yard.

A Low Maintenance Structure
There are several different types of structures that you can install in your yard, but some of the more popular materials used with pergolas today offer the homeowner a low maintenance experience. Some pergolas are made out of hardwoods that are known to hold up well to the elements like cedar and teak. These only will require staining or treatment annually. Other materials, like vinyl and aluminum, are available that give the look of real wood with little to no maintenance required at all.

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The Style and Beauty of a Pergola
You may choose to install a basic pergola or an ornate pergola with engraved posts and decorative trim. Both will add style and beauty to your space. However, other decorative efforts can be made to further accentuate this area. Many homeowners make use of climbing or vine plants to add green vegetation and even fragrant blooms to the space. As vines grow upward and spread across the latticework, they may provide additional shade. These plants can be placed in decorative planters, and lighting, benches, comfortable patio chairs and more can be used to enhance the look of a pergola.

Different Construction Options
When you look more closely into installing a pergola on your property, you will find that there are three different ways to accomplish this. You can consider hiring a contractor to build the structure for you. This provides you with a convenient and efficient installation method as well as the ability to customize your pergola fully to meet your needs. You can also purchase a pergola kit and construct it on your own. These kits are often more affordable to use, and they are ideal for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a pergola on a budget. A third construction option involves building the pergola on your own. Design plans area available over the Internet, and most materials are easily found at a local home improvement store. Keep in mind that the cost of your pergola will vary by the materials used, the size of the pergola and how it is constructed. The typical pergola will range in price from about $500 to well over $5,000.

There are a number of key benefits that you can enjoy when you construct a pergola in your backyard. With flexible construction options that allow you to control the price of your project, the materials used and the style of your finished project, these are benefits that many homeowners can easily enjoy.

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