The Misconceptions Of Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to something as simple as carpet cleaning, it’s not difficult to understand how misconceptions and myths catch on perpetuating themselves ever forward. There are a handful of these carpet cleaning myths dressed as tips that are simply wrong and for the benefit of your health, carpet and home we’re going to endeavour to uncover them to put them to bed.

Don’t Wait for a Clean

One of the worst carpet cleaning myths in London happen to be that one should wait as long as possible before cleaning your carpet to prolong its life but the actual opposite is true. It makes sense to think of dirt as an abrasive and when you keep stepping it deeper into the fibres then naturally they will weaken. This myth probably stems from what people think carpet cleaning products do to the fibres of a carpet but it only takes safe application of these products for them to protect your carpet; ignoring your carpet until it is dirty is going to make it worse off.

It’s Not Only Dirt

If carpet cleaning prices put your off and you’re thinking the only reason you’re needing one is the removal of dirt, that does make sense but there are so many factors that one doesn’t see that lurk beneath the surface. Be it indoor or outdoor environmental factors; pollen, fungus, bacteria and other materials can fuse themselves into your carpet without regular cleaning services breaking down the harmful substances. Carpet cleaning machines can help alleviate the burden of breathing problems, allergies and asthma for those suffering; some suffers avoid carpets altogether because of this but the aesthetic beauty of carpets shouldn’t be lost because of an avoidable situation.

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Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

There exists the myth that all forms of carpet cleaning are just as good as any other but that is a fallacy; the dry cleaning method can actually leave behind dirty residue for example. It’s apparent that for most carpets, the most effective means of carpet cleaning is hot water extraction. Most carpet cleaning machines you find for hire will use one of two methods of hot water extraction but the important thing is that they do that method at all; the higher the temperature of the water the better it is for the deep cleaning of your carpet.

Keep Educated

And these are just three of the many carpet cleaning myths that exist and continually become perpetuated through word of mouth. If you’ve stumbled on this article then consider yourself a fortunate student of some of the most important principles of carpet cleaning; for the good of your health, home and carpets.

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