The Most Amazing Shore Diving Destinations in the World

1. Bonaire
Bonaire is located in the Caribbean and has amazing sites for shore diving. Yellow painted stones are the markers for several of the shore diving sites so it is easy to see where to go. Many of these sites are located on the western coast of Bonaire. Southern dive sites include Alice in Wonderland, Invisibles and Pink Beach. Dive sites on the top and bottom of the western coast like Boca Bartol and Playa Benge have a stronger current so getting out of the water will be a bit harder than normal.

2. Oahu

Oahu, Hawaii’s beautiful beaches are the sites of some of the best places to shore dive in the world. The southern end of the island is the best place to enter the warm and inviting waters. Summer is the best time to shore dive because the water is calmer than in the winter when the waves are more intense. The Inside Reef is popular with swimmers and divers alike. The Outside Reef has better visibility and is less crowded. Witch’s Brew is located next to a peninsula and has a gorgeous coral garden but also has strong currents. Only experienced divers with good scuba diving gear should enter here.


3. Curaçao

Curacao is located in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. The shores of Curacao have breathtaking reefs and shallow shelves. The southwestern coast has the best shore diving sites that are easily accessible. On the northwest part of the island lies Playa Kalki, a sheltered cove that slopes delicately into the ocean. The Superior Producer is a shipwreck off the coast that is easily accessible to divers. However, divers can only access the wreck when the weather is clear and calm since the location is right outside a busy harbor.

4. Orange County, Southern California

The western coast of the United States offers several amazing sites to shore dive and snorkel. Sea lions, spiny lobsters and other beautiful marine life await divers off the coast of Orange County, California. Mermaid’s Grotto is located in Fisherman’s Cove and is about 50 feet under the surface with smaller reefs.

5. Indonesia
Indonesia is a large island in the Pacific which has a variety of shore diving spots. East Bali has excellent shore diving spots where divers can see the World War II ship Liberty which is very close to the beach. Mimic octopi, mandarin fish, scorpionfish and lionfish are all abundant off the coast of western Bali.

6. Maui, Hawaii
Tropical fish are found in abundance off the coast of Maui, Hawaii. The best place for shore diving is on the western coast where it is sheltered by Honolua Bay. Here divers can find beautiful coral reefs and colorful marine life. Sea turtles can be found off the coast of Ka’anapali Beach a few hundred feet from the shore.  After a long day of diving you can go back to your one of your Maui Rentals for a nice relaxing night.
7. U.S. Virgin Islands
The U.S. Virgin Islands are the home of beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. The reefs are not far from shore so shore divers will enjoy the ease of access. Flanagan’s Cay is located off the southeastern coast of the island and is sparsely populated. Those who shore dive off of Coki Beach will experience the thrill of seeing blue tangs, parrotfish and yellowtail snappers.

8. Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras
The reefs located off the shores of Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras are pristine and elegant. Divers can then swim east towards the Spooky Channel which contains a tunnel located in the reef. The tunnel only goes down about 95 feet in depth. Divers can see parrotfish, damselfish and blue tangs in reef of Anthony’s Key Resort.

9. Grand Cayman
Located in the western Caribbean Sea, Grand Cayman Island is home to several reefs that are only accessible by a boat. However, shore divers will rejoice that there are also several diving opportunities that are accessible via the beach. Some of the best shore dive locations include Cobalt Coast Resort, Lighthouse Point and Sunset House.

10. Philippines
The Philippines are home to thousands of islands with amazing shore diving locations. Shore diving off of Mindoro Island’s Saban Beach will allow divers to view white-tip reef sharks, moray eels and surgeonfish. Of the western coast Cebu lies Bas Diot which drops off to reveal lionfish and clownfish.

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