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The Most Common Causes of Head Injuries

Every year, 1.7 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the US. It’s a serious public health concern. A head injury can occur in a few seconds, but the repercussions can last for the rest of your life. Out of the yearly 1.7 million cases of brain damage, 275,000 require hospitalisation and 52,000 people die.

Young children and the elderly are more vulnerable to brain injury than other demographics. Men are more likely to be sent to hospital with these injuries.

Head damage is not only serious because it can have lifetime consequences on your health, but it’s financially crippling too. Medical expenses and time off work means a lot of lost money. That’s without even mentioning the potential trauma caused by TBI and the required counselling or care after your injury. The most common causes of TBI are:


The most likely cause of a head injury is a fall. Among children between the ages of 0 – 14, 50% of TBIs occur this way and for seniors, it’s responsible for 62%. Falling out of bed, down steps, from ladders, and in the bath are all common ways to sustain a head injury through a fall.

Traffic Accidents

5.25 million auto accidents happen every year in the US alone. Whether or not these incidents are serious is entirely left down to chance. It’s very common for people to sustain head damage in these collisions, especially if they are severe.


Roughly 10% of TBIs are caused by physical violence – gunshot wounds, abuse, and domestic violence are some examples of where violence can lead to lifelong injury. Shaking a baby or infant can cause serious damage to the brain cells, so parents should walk away from violence, no matter how exasperated they feel. Only 2.9% of child-related brain injuries were caused this way and the

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Sports Injuries

Although getting regular exercise is great for your physical and mental health, sports injuries can lead to irreparable damage. High-impact sports are particularly bad for this.


Often, it’s difficult to pinpoint what caused the brain injury. Symptoms may not exhibit themselves for days and some patients may even have severe memory loss.

However, if you know your TBI was caused by someone else’s negligence, make a head injury claim, and that can go towards covering the lost income, as well as help you get the right care.

How Can You Measure The Damage?

The extent of the damage to your brain can vary, depending on the blow. A severe jolt can cause the brain to move around in the skull, causing multiple points of damage. Spinning blows can tear cell structures. If you were involved in a blast from an explosive device, this could’ve caused widespread injury.

Any penetrative objects are likely to cause long-term, irreparable damage to the brain. Bleeding, swelling, or blood clots can inhibit the flow of oxygen to this vital organ. Basically, don’t underestimate your injury, and always seek out medical attention.


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