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Are you dealing with a leaky pipe issue in your home? Pipes that leak will end up having problems with mold growth and other concerns. Why do pipes leak? Over time, pipes will start to corrode and will cause leaks and other issues. Frozen pipes will also increase the concerns with a burst pipe, which can become a serious problem. Here are some of the reasons why pipes begin to leak.

Acidity of Water

There are some reasons why the pipes can start having issues. Acidity of the water can start to corrode the pipes quickly. If the pH is lower than an 8, it will end up causing a serious problem as the copper oxide film is dissolved, which leaves the pipes vulnerable to corrosion. What occurs is small pinhole leaks to form within the pipes. Some water can start to drip within the walls of the home, leading to some concerns. Some leaks will end up corroding the entire walls of the home.

The Most Common Causes Of Leaky Pipes

Water Temperature

One of the other issues that can occur with old pipes is when you end up with fluctuating water temperatures. The higher the water temperature, the oxidation process will become accelerated. Corrosion will be pronounced in the hot water lines compared to other water lines. The temperature changes during the winter are one of the largest issues when pipes tend to freeze and burst. The pipes will freeze and contract, but they can burst when you end up turning the water on and the water ends up expanding.


Another common issue that occurs with leaky pipes is when they shift over time. The fixtures in the home start to age, and it can easily lead to concerns with shifting pipes. The natural shifting in the pipes comes from the foundation of the home that starts to move. The joints in the plumbing system will become loose and can separate, which causes leaking. The leaks usually start out small, but over time, they can get larger and will deteriorate the walls of the home.


Some people will have issues with clogs due to sending grease and other things down the drain. It is important to keep the drains and pipes clean to allow water to properly pass through them. If you do not remove things from the pipes, water can start to build-up in the pipes, which leads to excess pressure and strain on the pipes. While you can use drain cleaners to help with some of the clogs, it is not always the best solution. Drain cleaners can speed up the corrosion process, increasing the likelihood of leaks. Hiring a professional to clean the drain cleaners is the best option as they do have the right tools needed to remove the clog without causing problems with the strain and stress on the pipes.

Improper Workmanship

Some people find there are problems with improper workmanship that cause too much strain on the pipes. Hiring the wrong plumbers to work on the pipes can also lead to problems with the pipes. If you hire someone that doesn’t have the right skills, they can cause problems with the way the joints are secured along with seals that are not tight. Always hire the right professionals to work on your pipes to prevent leaks and serious flooding from occurring.

Vince Hammerstein is a freelance writer based in Houston, TX. If you think you may have a leak, Vince recommends taking advantage of one of the top leak detection services in Houston.

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