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You’ve been tasked with setting up a meeting for your business, and you’re feeling the pressure. There’s so much to consider – how big need the room be? Will you need access to computers, a projector, or video conferencing technology? What kind of refreshments need to be supplied? Will tea and coffee suffice, or will you need to be provided with lunch? When you’re searching for great meeting rooms, you’ll be looking for somewhere which is reliable, friendly, and which will strive officiously to accommodate your requests. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of great venues in large cities such as London or Edinburgh.

What Are Your Requirements?

Different businesses have different requirements. If you’re hosting high-pressure merger negotiations, you’ll be wanting something quite distinct from the client who’s entertaining his colleagues in a somewhat informal brainstorming session. Meeting rooms suited to the former might feature long, elegant wood tables, high tables and telephone facilities; whereas the latter calls for something a little cosier! A good venue will offer a variety of different meeting rooms, complete with suitable amenities. Tea, coffee and water should be provided free of charge, meaning that there’s one less thing to worry about. If you’ll need to eat, you should look for a venue which offers a complete catering service able to provide an appropriate spread for you and your guests. Technology is a further consideration – it’s all well and good to have easy access to telephone facilities, but what if you want face-to-face contact with the Beijing office? Thankfully, video conferencing equipment now makes this a real possibility, and a good venue will be able to expedite your request to make use of such technology.

It’s Not All About the Meeting Rooms

Of course, although the room itself is of vital importance in your search for a suitable venue, it is not the sole consideration. Prospective hosts should bear in mind that the staff of the venue play a vital role in the final experience enjoyed by you and your guests. A friendly and helpful team will offer a helping hand every step of the way, from the planning of your event through to its administration. Knowing that there’s a dedicated and professional team to aid you in case of a technical malfunction or other hiccup provides valuable peace of mind, and your guests will be made to feel welcome if they are greeted and seen off by a friendly face. Pay attention to the feedback of previous clients – has the venue team ensured that their events went smoothly? The right workforce makes all the difference.

Here’s to Your Continuing Success

Looking for the right meeting rooms can appear to be a daunting task, but with the cooperation of a great venue, your meeting can be productive and trouble free. With any luck, you’ll be able to give the right impression to your guests and create further opportunities for yourself and your business.

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Paul Sykes is an independent events planner. In the past, he has been privileged to run events for several high-profile multinationals.