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Libraries are designed, since time immemorial, as a place of contemplation. Normally, libraries are not places where you’re going to hear a live band while people try to study. It’s just not going to happen. The whole strategy behind a library is that by blocking out all distractions, students will be able to focus on the material at hand and absorb the item that they’re studying. Fair enough. This works for most people. By blocking out common distractions such as a huge horde of people going back and forth, talking to each other, lounging around, a lot of the auditory and visual distractions are weeded out.

The problem with studying in a library is if you are the wrong type of student. There are two different types of students – students that can study where there are a lot of distractions and things competing for their attention, and students that need total peace and quiet for them to absorb what they’re reading. There’s nothing wrong with being in either of these camps. We are all wired differently. Just as there are left handed people, there are also right handed people. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, what is wrong is that if you are not a library type of person and you try to study in a library. You will know that you have problems studying in a library if you constantly need to get out of the library, walk around, and then come back. This is your first clue that you are a visual and distraction-oriented person. Visual and distraction-oriented student requires a lot of activity, visual changes, and auditory changes going on around for them to focus their minds on materials that they are studying. Many students are like this. They easily get claustrophobic when they are indoors in a library.

Another key disadvantage of studying in a library is if you get thirsty or hungry, you can’t just get up, stroll over to the coffee bar, and pick up a drink or a meal. If you are studying in a café, this is a breeze. It would be very easy and it wouldn’t be a problem. Also, if you need to run somewhere close by, it’s harder to do that if you’re in a centrally located library that may be far away from where you need to go. So, there are a lot of advantages to the library. It is designed to be a quiet place of contemplation and meditation, even. However, if your focusing style doesn’t favor peace and quiet, then you might get into a lot of trouble because your attention span may be very short. In this case, you’re probably be better off studying elsewhere.<br><br>

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