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Messages can be delivered in different ways to different people. Flowers have proved over time that they are an effective way of passing either a casual or official message. Friends have been known to use flowers to pass across their message while business partners too have sent cards accompanied by flowers just to wish one another happy and prosperous times. Flowers have a way in which they speak to the soul and the emotional make-up. The occasions over which flowers are delivered are virtually limitless and endless.

Sending of flowers has for a long time been traditional but with the sweeping wind of technology, everything now happens at the touch of a computer button. Online flowers delivery has become the better option when it comes to sending flowers across geographical divides. Online florists have bouquets covering different occasions. Sending of flowers this way however has its pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons Of Sending Flowers Through Online Florists

Wide Range of Choices

Shopping online for flowers has the advantage in that you can sample the best from the sites. The variety of flowers available online is very huge compared to that available at the local florist. The range of flowers available in online florists’ sites contains both exotic and local tastes. The bouquets available are customized for different occasions making it easy for the buyer to choose the combination that befits their tastes and preferences. What makes the online display more appealing than the local florists is that online, the space is huge and wide thereby accommodating so much.


Online florists are most preferred than the local ones because of the convenience that comes with online shopping. There is no geographical movement rather what is required is a reliable internet and a computer then you can shop for flowers anywhere in the world. Through the online platform, you can make arrangements for the delivery of the flowers to any place of your choice. The online florist will then undertake to earmark the right avenues and channels through which the deliveries are to be made. The convenience also spans over the time factor where the services of the online florists are available round the clock unlike the brick and motor flower shops that close and re-open in response to business hours.

Competitive Prices

Generally, online flower shops have relatively lower prices compared to their brick and motor counterparts. This is more specifically contributed by the fact that these shops do not have physical premises that they have to pay for and all the costs associated with brick and motor establishments. The discounts offered online are amazing with redeemable coupons dominating many platforms. These discounts allow you to save money so that you can allocate it to something else of your choice. With these lower prices, shoppers can afford to even settle for high quality flowers.

Timely Deliveries

When it comes to the buying and delivery of flowers, time is of essence. Flowers portray a different message when they are fresh than when they look weather beaten and weak. Online florists guarantee timely delivery of flowers for events such as birthdays, anniversaries and year-end company parties. Opting for online flower delivery automatically lets you choose the mode of delivery and the timing.

On the flipside, online flower deliveries have its disadvantages which are also worthy looking at however few they are.

Cyber Security

While most payment systems are secured, transacting online leaves a general feel of insecurity and exposure. Entering credit card detail in online platforms can be a risky affair more so if the security of such platforms is not clearly spelt out.

Differences between What is Shopped and What is Delivered

The online platform has a way of giving displays that are enticing and attractive. With most of these images representing flowers other than those stocked, shoppers can be easily duped so that they fall into deals which finally leave them desperate and dissatisfied.

Difficulty in Site Navigation

Some florist sites are not easy to navigate because of how they were designed. The arrangement of the products on the site can also make such sites unfriendly as such wasting too much time in the shopping phase and at the end of it all not getting what you are looking at.

Computer Literacy

In the era we are living in, there are those people who cannot operate a computer. This group of people is automatically locked out from such transactions and for them the only way is the conventional shopping.

Although there are many merits and demerits concerning online shopping and delivery, some of the main ones have been highlighted in this article.

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Rayan has been completed his Masters of Business administration recently and started his career as a online marketer. When he was in Perth, lots of time he order flower online for various occasion and that why he has a huge knowledge about flower delivery Perth. For writing this article he just expressed his practical experience