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Domestic cats are household staples across the planet, occupying their own niche in our daily lives as well as in the nooks and crannies around our homes. Today, prospective cat parents have hundreds of breeds they may adopt, both of natural and crossbreed origin. The overall value of a cat’s breed is dictated by scarcity and the authenticity of the bloodline.  Here are some of the rarest and most expensive cat breeds currently available. If you’re searching for a specific breed, always be sure to work with a reputable breeder. Furthermore, no matter the feline, consider your cat’s health and look into a pet insurance plan like ASPCA Pet Insurance. ASPCA Pet Insurance will help you cover pet care costs for a variety of felines.

The Rarest and Most Expensive Cat Breeds


Resembling the type of feline traditionally preferred by nefarious geniuses like Dr. Evil, Peterbalds were developed in Russia in the early 1990s during a crossbreeding experiment. They possess a lithe and athletic body structure that contains little to no hair. They’re incredibly loyal and affectionate cats who can comfortably live with pets and humans alike. This unabated warmth comes at a price however–the average Peterbald can be yours for $3,000.


Bengal Cats are a hybrid fusion of domestic breeds and the endangered Asian Leopard Cat. They sport distinctive markings and large spots, which showcase their wild origins. Saying Bengal Cats are hard to find is a gross understatement–they’re bred in limited quantities, and kittens will set you back thousands of dollars.

British Shorthair

With large heads and expressive eyes, British Shorthairs possess a muscular build consisting of a square body mounted on stocky legs. Their laidback nature and affinity for a relaxing lifestyle make them ideal indoor pets. A show circuit mainstay, British Shorthairs were recently named Europe’s most popular feline breed. The price for a pure bred cat generally peaks at around $1,500.

Scottish Fold

A natural ear cartilage gene mutation contributes to the iconic owl-like appearance of the Scottish Fold. Medium-sized cats with relaxed temperaments, they’re loyal companions with a propensity for sleeping on their backs. Their coats come in a wide variety of densities and colors. The Scottish Fold’s distinctive folded ear appearance and placid demeanor can be yours for over $2,000.


The epitome of hybrid crossbreeding, the Savannah has no feline equal. Comprised of the genetics from a domestic cat and a medium-sized wild African cat called the Serval, the Savannah has been recognized as the largest domestic cat breed in the world. Their coats are undeniably wild, sporting large spots and patterns reminiscent of their natural origins. They also possess remarkable athleticism and have been known to jump 8 feet into the air from a sitting position.  A true pure-blood Savannah can cost up to $20,000.

Maine Coon

One of the premier American longhair breeds, the Maine Coon is one of the largest domestic cat breeds in the world. They’re fiercely intelligent and make great companions in any household. Their thick coats come in a plethora of colors and their tails are very bushy. The Maine Coon’s large size and status as a venerable American breed makes owning one cost roughly $1,000.

Note: Breed information gathered from various online sources.