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The Reality Of How Businesses Use The CloudBusinesses are finding many advantages of implementing usage of the cloud. From small, privately owned businesses, to corporate super-giants, the cloud is making its mark in the everyday operation of a wide array of businesses. Some of the most impactful ways that businesses are utilizing the cloud can be found here.

Creation of a Level Playing Field

When implemented, the cloud is helping to create a level playing field for any size business, which is finding benefits from the enterprise software that is being delivered as a service. For example, a small business with only one employee on staff can gain access to the exact same email services that is provided to some of the biggest organizations around the world.

Creating a New Working Culture

Work is no longer a destination that is trying to be reached, but rather the focus of what is being done. The cloud has enabled a more flexible working environment as well as the ability to complete mobile working.


There is no question that technology is advancing at an extremely rapid pace, which is creating new opportunities for how computing is being used. There are no more worries of a cease in all communication when an email server fails, as cloud servers are still able to communicate via smart divides and 3G connections.

Game Changer for the IT Industry

While it may sound cliché, it is true. The capabilities offered by cloud computing have been a game changer for the IT industry. The embracing of the technology has enabled companies of every size to utilize both public and private clouds and use IaaS, PaaS and SaaS technology.


The reliability provided by public clouds is one of the driving and appealing factors of the technology. The simply nature of being unlimited alone has created redundancy. The tools that are offered by public clouds make the actual health of developed applications and the ability to scale up or down easy and available when needed.

Acting as an Enabler

With the use of the cloud, even the very smallest businesses are able to gain the efficient tools of their big competitors. This includes the ability to send electronic invoices, get paid when it is needed, market themselves as effectively as “big” businesses and collaborate with other employees electronically.

Major Benefits of the Cloud

Cloud hosting companies like ServerSpace provide you with all the insight necessary to determine if it’s the right move for you and your business. Chances are the answer is yes, it is! Some of the major benefits that are seen by utilizing the cloud include an increase in productivity by simply reducing the amount of time that is spend on things that are not an important factor of the job.

Some examples include encrypting emails, managing patches and deleting span. Additionally, clouds make it easier to enforce staff policies such as web-browsing habits, instant messaging and security protection.

The fact is that any business can gain a significant savings in operations costs when it comes to cloud services. This reduces the need to invest in expensive hardware, which will help their bottom line.