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Whether you happen to live in a place where gusty winds are the norm or you’re just more sensitive to low temperatures than most, preparing for the cold snap is key before winter hits. That’s especially true for a business owner, since employees depend on the thought and work they put into taking preemptive measures to fend off those distracting blizzards. As they’re likely to spend a great deal of time cooped up together at the office, neither employer nor employee is probably too keen on rubbing up against each other to generate body heat.

Employers might already have a heating system in place, but for those looking to better equip their workplace against the cold, infrared heaters might come in handy come winter time. Infrared heating has been dubbed “intelligent” due to its many medical applications, but its efficiency, accuracy and other pluses have lately been extending their reach – as infrared heaters are being introduced to less clinical, more domestic settings, becoming a must-have household appliance.

These portable devices are widely used in homes to appease warm-blooded Americans’ hunger for snugness on a daily basis, so why not acquire one (or, if you’re not top cat, direct your boss to, for an in-depth look at how it cuts costs) for use around the office?

The Brass Tacks of Infrared Heaters at the Office

  • Ready to use – They don’t require any installation and certainly won’t be disrupting the workday, as they only need to be plugged in, just like any appliance.
  • Covers a lot of ground – One such device can easily heat up to 1500 square feet. Place it in the center of your office space so the heat waves can reach every corner, every employee and their thermos!
  • Instant heat – Infrared heaters use invisible, harmless lightwaves that warm objects as they hit them. Power them on minutes before the day starts and then lay back and enjoy the coziness awaiting the employee who plods through snow to come to work!
  • Low energy consumption – The infrared heater doesn’t incorporate, or need, a fan to work, nor does it rely on warm air displacing cold pockets, instead, the rays crank up the temperature on making contact with objects and bodies inside the room. That all translates into less power usage, and significant savings, i.e.  more than half the money you’d spend on heating.
  • Time-saver – In the long run, the infrared heater won’t need the kind of maintenance work that faulty ductwork might.
  • Safe – If you’re worried about premises liability suits or the like, rest assured, infrared heaters won’t be your culprits – they don’t heat up like traditional space heaters and certainly not as much as to cause any burns on touch. These devices also don’t burn the water out of the air, nor are they conducive to the proliferation of germs (quite the contrary, most come with an UV purifying feature that kills them off) – so employees won’t be complaining about dry skin or getting the sniffles as much during the winter.

All in all, infrared heating is as good a place as any to start your campaign for employer of the year. Next up, if your workplace is channeling the Googleplex, you could even spring for an infrared dry-heat sauna to match!