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Businesses and corporations know that social media is a medium that no longer can be ignored; the internet is currently one of the most effective advertising platforms in the world and those who ignore it will be left behind. The automotive industry isn’t any different; the major auto companies realize that people are spending more time than ever before on social networks, especially the younger demographic. Let’s take a look at some of the ways these companies are using social media in order to promote their brand and products.

Chevy ‘s Superbowl Commercial Creates Social Media Buzz
Chevy sponsored contest where filmmakers submitted short scenes about life and how Chevrolet is there along the way. The winner was aired during the Super Bowl commercial; a viewing event that generally receives over 100 million viewers annually. One advantage of this campaign was that Chevy didn’t have to use the services of a pricey ad agency. In return anonymous film makers received tremendous exposure.  The contest itself generated a lot of media buzz on the social networks which means that Chevy received press and mentions from just the contest itself in addition the finished product.

Volkswagen Has The Force
Most car companies generally keep their Super Bowl commercials under wraps before airing but not Volkswagen. The company intentionally released its spot before the Super Bowl on Youtube; a popular video viewing site. The video quickly approached the 50 million views mark and quickly went viral. The commercial featured Dark Vader and a Star Wars soundtrack.  This campaign is proof that it’s creative content that truly matters; advertising doesn’t have to bland and boring. Most people generally fast forward through the commercials but if a spot is unique enough, not only will people watch it but they will actually share it with their friends which means more exposure for the new Volkswagen models.

Ford Gets On Instagram

Just about every auto company has a profile on Facebook by now, but what about the emerging and newer sites like Instatgram? Instagram is actually quite popular; it’s a site that allows people to apply filters to their pictures. It’s not the first site that comes to mind when you think about social media marketing but the folks at Ford prove that it can be done.  They held a contest where people would post photos on Instagram based on a particular hashtag for the week associated with the Ford Fiesta such as “music” for example. The result was a greater awareness of the Fiesta’s features by the general public; not just to automotive enthusiasts but to a more diverse crowd.

Whether we like it or not; social media is definitely here to stay. Automotive companies that take advantage of it are bound to stay ahead of the curve.

Written by Jacqueline Starz – Automotive companies such as Acura Carland can increase brand visibility by creating an online presence on popular social media sites.