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Hot tubs and spas have different components which keep the water clean, hot and moving. The hot tub circuit board is an important electronic part which functions according to the input from the control panel and coordinates the components accordingly. These circuit boards are more or less known as the brains of the hot tub controller device. Hot tubs and spas are rendered unusable if the circuit boards are damaged. Various issues such as electrical overload, moisture and other factors can cause damages to the circuit boards.

The Significance Of Hot Tub Circuit Board

Replacement and Repairs

Although some spa owners may consider repairing or replacing the damaged circuit board, in most cases this option seldom works. Modern spas require a complete replacement of the entire control unit. There are several types of circuit boards which are made available. However, it is impossible to interchange these boards as every single model has specific spa parts and systems. It is important to find the right replacement part by locating the model number of the spa and the serial number of the circuit board.

There are basically two types of control units which include the pneumatic spa controller and the electronic spa controller. The pneumatic controllers are long lasting and durable compared to the electronic controllers. The pneumatic controllers have no electronic components and it functions on the basis of vacuum pressure. The electronic control unit is aesthetically appealing LED displays which can be operated conveniently. However, these units can be operated only through electrical connections and it can be damaged quickly if it is exposed to dampness and moisture.

In some rare cases, the spas and hot tubs can tend to malfunction even after the replacement of circuit boards. The surrounding controllers can also cause problems that can lead to malfunctioning of the spas. The exact source of the problem can be identified only by an expert spa technician.

Some Common Indications of Circuit Board Malfunctions

There are several ways to diagnose the problems with the circuit board in a spa. In some cases, the circuit breakers may trip regularly when the hot tubs are used. It indicates a serious malfunction with the hot tub unit. It may be caused due to a malfunctioning heater, pump or the circuit board. It is quite dangerous to use such hot tubs as the damaged circuit board may send wrong signals to the hot tub components which could result in permanent damage to the unit or fire hazards.

If the spa motor continues to operate even after the unit is shut down, then it could indicate a malfunction of the circuit board. A faulty circuit board loses the ability to deactivate the hot tub motor. In some hot tubs, the water tends to remain cold even after the unit is switched on. This could also indicate an underlying problem with the hot tub circuit board.

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