The Sun and The Wind Providing The Main Sources Of Renewable Energy

The Sun and The Wind Providing The Main Sources Of Renewable Energy

Energy sourced from fuel, oil, wood and coal are nonrenewable as these resources are destined to be depleted with time and that is why the world is now concentrating on finding resources that are not depleted. The energy resourced from these resources is known as renewable energy and the sun and wind are the two main resources that give us abundant energy and will keep on giving in the future. While the energy received from the sun known as solar energy can help us use it directly for heating water, cooking, lighting homes and for industrial purposes, the energy received from the wind can help in generating hydroelectric power through turning the turbines.

The Sun and The Wind Providing The Main Sources Of Renewable Energy

Biomass is another renewable energy which can be used for different purposes where the bio energy resource can produce electricity and help in the transportation of chemicals or fuel. Hydrogen and Geothermal energy are other resources for renewable energy which can be utilized for heating and cooling of buildings and for generating electricity. The gravitational pull causes tidal waves which in turn, provide energy for various purposes. All said, the sun is the most powerful source of this energy and that is why solar power is being used for a range of purposes across various domestic as well as industry verticals. Solar panels are now being used in large numbers which are providing solar energy which is converted into electric energy for cooking, heating water and for other purposes.

The Advantages of Solar Panels Include:

Cost effectiveness: According to the size of the solar panels installed, a maximum of 60 percent of the electricity bill is saved according to the efficiency of the solar panels for producing the required amount of solar electricity. Besides, it is always possible to sell back the surplus electricity to the grid if the amount of production is more than required.

Increased resale value of the property: A solar panel when fitted property, automatically has a better resale value. As electricity bills account for a huge section of the monthly expenditures, so installation of solar panels gives the provision of decreasing this cost effectively thus resulting in increased resale value.

Reduction of carbon footprints: Solar electricity is a renewable resource which does not produce any harmful waste nor does produce carbon dioxide as that occurs in the other cases.

Another excellent resource of renewable energy is the ocean energy, where the energy of the sun, wind and water combine to produce energy for generating electricity. The warmth of the water created by the sun, the wind causing the tidal waves and the water in the form of tidal waves combine to produce energy. The dearth of depletable source of energy is felt considerable, leading to extensive research on this form of energy which will never deplete and are also cost effective. Governments of many countries are promoting the use of this form of energy which heralds a good future for us. The use of this form of energy is increasing day by day.

It is imperative that renewable energy sources can be the best alternative to be utilized for various purposes that include uses in both residential as well as for industrial purposes.

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