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Being asked to be the best man at a friend’s wedding is a great honor but it comes with responsibilities, the biggest one is the bachelor party. There are many ways you can get things wrong especially if you haven’t planned well and not worked out the budget and collected the money from all the other friends who will be pitching in.

Imagine this scenario: it’s the weekend of your bud’s bucks party. You’ve been planning this for weeks and you are pretty sure that your idea is the best bucks party idea ever but suddenly you realize there has been some miscommunication, a mishap with transportation or where you are going to eat and the tripper you hired to come to you cancels. That’s a night made, right. Just the thought of having no strippers is enough to ruin everything can you turn things around? Sure, you can still salvage something if you DON’T do the following things:

  1. DON’T choose safe activities: Indoor lasting, beach bonfires paintballing, zorbing or any of those things that got your adrenalin pumping when you were 19 isn’t going to cut it. Think bigger. Upgrade some of those old things you really liked to do, like go racing on an actual racing track, have a pool party, go to an outdoor concert – the point is to give your friend the best experience you can because there may not be any raucous, exciting and utterly reckless experiences in his future.
  1. Don’t bother with Destination bucks parties: There is this new obsession with destination bucks parties. They are not as great as everyone wants you to believe. You don’t have to travel far, in fact, don’t go to a location that will make you more than 3 hours to drive to. Melbourne has many great spots for a bucks party. By doing things locally you will avoid the stress of coordinating all the logistics. There is a lot of entertainment business that offers bucks party packages in Melbourne.

  1. DON’T drink on an empty stomachThe booze is important, right but you should never drink on an empty stomach. Besides what’s a party without food. Food and drink go together. If you have a problem with providing the food yourself, go out to a restaurant or look at bucks party packages from a strip or gentlemen’s club that has a buffet menu.
  1. DO have a plan that is solid: When it comes to organizing events and parties, it’s usually the women who do the planning. Men aren’t good at organizing or planning parties, that’s something that is often done by women but, if there is one event that is non-negotiabley a man’s job, it is a bucks party. The best man cannot afford to fail or to leave things to chance by not having a solid plan. It’s easier if you have a theme and once you do work on your guest list, invites, food, entertainment and drinks for the day or night. Remember Murphy’s Law and have a backup plan if things don’t go your way. 
  1. DON’T document everything for social media: Things can get pretty wild as they should. Pictures are great, as long as they stay saved on someone’s phone and don’t get posted online. What happens at a bucks party stays between you and your friends.