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Often we rush around and plough through our days. At the end we wonder where time has gone and wished we had just a bit more time to relax, enjoy hobbies and spend time with family. Before you know it though, the day has gone in a blink of an eye.

Slowly Does It
Invest in a slow cooker and a bread maker. They’ll save you time, money and hassle. If you do nothing else, you must get these.  There’s nothing better than throwing in a load of ingredients, forgetting about them and then coming home to a lovely meal.

Most slow cookers and bread makers make a whole range of foods, like cakes, jams, stews, curries and soups. Often a lot of flavour and passion is lost in the drill after work. Throwing food in a pan and boiling pasta (shame on you if you’re a microwaver!) just to get it done in twenty minutes, can often leave food rather bland.  A little chopping or peeling is all it takes.

Reassess Your Route
Often people get stuck into a routine. They get up, have breakfast, wash, dress and go to work. Day in, day-out, it stays the same. The car goes the same route and all seems well. But I suggest trying to work out a way of shaking things up. See if you can start work earlier, lift share or walk to work.

When you really think about it, work swallows the majority of your day. But making the most of it around the mandatory shouldn’t be too hard. I personally shaved off forty five minutes from my journey to work each day and saved nearly £80 a month just by cycling! Killing two birds with one stone can save you time and your sanity.

Get Some Help
Chores like cleaning and washing suck the fun out of life. But there is no need for you to suffer alone. Hiring or pulling in help has no shame; it saves you oodles of time and energy. You can splash out on a cleaning services London or get your children to earn their pocket money.  Whatever it takes, it’s got to be better than using your spare time on it.

In terms of shopping, do it online. Why drive out to a supermarket and spend hours in the aisles when you could be off reading a book, waiting for your delivery to arrive?

So those are my top tips for saving you time and energy, what are yours?

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Elise Lévêque is a busy French fashionista. She broke free of Paris to indulge in eccentric England and fell in love. She adores cooking for loves ones, being the hostess with the most-ess and is the owner of a beautiful Siamese cat. She currently blogs for Evo Cleaning.