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There’s no better feeling than sitting behind the wheel of a car and seeing the open road wind out in front of you. That sense of freedom and the ability to pay a visit to any destination at your leisure, with your own choice of music playing on the CD player and the air conditioning blasting, is unbeatable. And it doesn’t need to be any different when you are travelling by plane of boat to another country. Avoid the delays and inevitable hanging about in line by simply getting a car rental deal when you reach your destination. Car rental is known as auto noleggio in Italian, so if you are going to pay a visit to the home of pasta, pizza, stunning architecture and beautiful women, then it is a handy phrase to remember.

The Top Benefits Of Car Rental

Because you don’t need to get involved in mind numbing games of bingo or sing-along with blue rinse grannies on a bus when you have the freedom of your own motor at hand. Make the horrors of being pressed up tight against a load of other hot, sweaty passengers standing on a train a distant memory when you can simply turn up at a car hire, or auto noleggio desk, and find yourself handed a set of keys to a brand new SUV, 4×4, sports car or convertible in a matter of minutes.

Make your Driving Dreams Come True

If you’ve always fancied driving a big motor but have never been able to afford one yourself then you can act out all of your driving fantasies by booking a rental vehicle from the terminal of the airport that you land in. No hanging about waiting for other passengers to get out of the bar with their beat up luggage – just straight into your own spacious and comfortable car and straight out onto the road. You could also avoid expensive and boring organized coach trips by hitting all the local tourist hot spots in your hire car for the ultimate in ease and convenience. Car rental companies can be found in a number of handy locations, especially in airport terminals and in most Cities, so you’ll never be stuck for a car rental option – wherever you get into.

Affordable Car Rental Deals

For only around 12 Euros a day you could be completely independent in your rental vehicle. Car rentals are normally available at short notice or well in advance, so you can plan ahead for your trip or turn up at the desk where helpful and friendly staff will organize you a great deal on a rental car. Check the details of your contract to ensure that you have suitable insurance cover and you can consider the other options of services available, which could include a free additional driver or a GPS system to ensure that you don’t get lost on your travels.

You will require a full driver’s license to hire a car and in some countries an International Driving Permit may be necessary, while an age limit may also be in operation with some places requiring drivers to be 25 years or over for insurance purposes. It is always best to check well in advance of your trip to avoid any disappointment. Car rental makes sense.

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