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I think the biggest problem I face on a daily basis is the lack of storage in my home, I seem to constantly get more things and then have to find a home for other things, and it’s a nasty cycle that seems to constantly be in motion.

Never mind in amongst all the homely things we have there are the children’s toys strewn around the place and when it came time to renovate the house, my worst nightmare came true, further lack of storage.

Indoor Solutions
Storage indoors is much easier than outdoor storage, believe me I found this out the hard way when we renovated our home, but for indoor solutions you have a wide selection of affordable choices available to you.

Indoors you can use under bed storage; this is so useful for clothing, bedding and even the children’s toys. There are chests that you can place at the end of the bed where you can store all the additional bedding, towels and clothing and then there are bookcases; these are fantastic storage options while you still keep all your favourite things on display.

I think the best indoor storage I found was boxes that fitted neatly into the bookcase, this was ideal for all the little things that I needed to get out the way to de-clutter the house, they are fantastic options that keep a room clean and neat while still having everything you need at your fingertips.

Outdoor Storage Options
This was so difficult for me and I wish I had known the little secret that I know now. When we renovated I bought three garden sheds, yes three! This is because we had so much stuff to store and just not enough place to put it.

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I considered a storage company, but once we had called in the movers and paid them and the storage company, it was a costly exercise and I was nervous my beloved furniture wouldn’t be safe.

Then I found out about storage containers, they are large boxes that can be placed in the garden out of sight and hold a large volume of items, perfect for all my stuff during the renovation. I could lock it up knowing everything was secure and if I needed anything from one of the boxes, I just walked into my garden and collected what I needed.

Of course I could have chosen a log cabin to store the stuff and make an additional room, but when I looked at pricing combined with the renovation; I had to look for affordable options.

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