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Deep down we all love dressing up, it’s just that some of us are too scared to admit it. But these guys and girls have embraced their inner geek and have created costumes that are (in some cases literally) out of this world.

Before we go any further I should probably explain what cosplay is. The term is short for “costume play” and can be applied to anyone who dresses up as a character to perform, or attend some kind of social event. It’s different to fancy dress as the intention is to accurately represent a very specific character. Attention to detail is everything.

Inspiration usually comes from comics, anime, video games and films. The geekier the better really. I think it’s time we looked at some of the best and most bizarre examples from the crazy world of the internet.


Bumblebee is definitely one of the most popular Autobots around, and from the looks of things this guy’s costume has won him a lot of fans as well. To look at it you’d never know that there’s a man inside. It must take forever to get the costume on but it’s definitely worth the wait.

The Green Ranger

There are loads of Power Rangers costumes to be found online, but this guy gets the nod just for his stance. He’s definitely ready to kick some Putty butt.


Waka waka waka waka! Pac-Man is arcade gaming at its finest but the characters are hardly an obvious cosplay choice. These guys have definitely pulled it off though.


This guy makes a great wolverine. It helps that he looks a lot like Hugh Jackman, but that doesn’t mean any less work went into his creation. I love the fact that he’s covered his face and body in fake blood. It really is all in the details.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is another cosplay favourite and this girl’s one of the best I’ve seen, purely because she’s hench. Don’t get me wrong her costume’s great, but it’s all about the bulk.

Iron Man

Iron Man is cool and so is this guy’s costume. Enough said.

Ax Battler, Tyris Flare and Gilius Thunderhead

If you don’t recognise these three warriors dig out your old Sega Mega-Drive and get yourself a copy of Golden Axe. These three are a fitting tribute to the stars of the game. Sure they look a bit geeky but at the end of the day that’s the whole point.


I had to finish with a character from Star Wars, the source of so much cosplay inspiration. A lot of people dress up as stormtroopers but this one stood out as he’s doing a great job of chatting up Morrigan Aensland, the succubus from Darkstalkers.

When he’s not sitting around in his Jedi Dressing Gown Matt Lambert tasks himself with finding the very best Halloween costumes for Find Me A Gift.