The World’s Most Dangerous Ski Runs: No Beginners Allowed!

The World’s Most Dangerous Ski Runs: No Beginners Allowed!

The chance to get out on to some of the most dangerous slopes in the world is a welcome challenge for nearly every extreme skier out there. Well if you’re looking for a challenge, you’re certainly in the right place. Keep your wits about you and take a deep breath:

Corbet’s Couloir, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, US

This ski run is well-known as one of the runs that every extreme skier needs to try in their lifetime and has often been described as America’s scariest slope. It’s the entrance to this slope that is the most dangerous part of the run; skiers drop in a free fall of up to 30ft to be met with a steep slope and are immediately forced to swerve to avoid a large rock. Staying upright is the biggest test in this run and it’s a test that you can’t afford to fail!

Tortin, Verbier, Switzerland

As with nearly every ski run, the danger is ultimately determined by the snow cover; if you’ve got a great season with plenty of snow cover, then the majority of the slopes will be a walk in the park. Tortin is most definitely one of these slopes but just you wait until there’s less powder; you’ve never been further from the park and you’re not walking anymore!
Skiers enter the slope from a traverse, taking a left turn into a steep slope dotted with horrifying moguls at the height of the season. Beware, the beginning of this slope isn’t the easiest part this time; the moguls get worse and you’re in for a prolonged and perilous slide if you slip in icy conditions.

El Colorado, Chile

El Colorado sits in a large resort surrounded by trails for intermediate as well as the more advanced skiers but only the extreme skiers will take the seven lift journey to the top of this slope. It’s the sheer scale of the mountain that makes this slope one of the most intense runs in the world. Be prepared for an extreme run that goes on and on and on!

The Lauberhorn, Wengen, Switzerland

This is the setting for the world famous Lauberhorn Race and if speed is what you’re looking for in an extreme slope then this is the one for you! Pro-skiers can reach 100 miles per hour on this slope and it’s the fastest in the World Cup circuit.
The Lauberhorn is an extremely fast slope that seems to go on forever; you’ll need stamina, skill and a lot of skiing experience!

Delirium Dive, Sunshine Village, Banff, Canada

For many skiers, the length of the run is irrelevant and the moguls and rocks to dodge are pointless; if you’re all about the angle then this is the run for you. The majority of the slope is at a 50 degree angle while at the top of the slope, you’re looking at near vertical drops.
This slope truly is one of the most dangerous slopes around as the angle means it’s prone to avalanches; for this run you’ll need specialist gear and a nerve of steel. This is not for the faint-hearted!
So there you have it; some of the most dangerous ski runs in the world. Happy skiing!

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