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New ZealandHiring a motor home or campervan is a practical and convenient way to travel around New Zealand to view the sights.

Campervans in New Zealand come in a variety of styles. They will have manual or automatic transmissions and either gas or diesel engines. They vary in size as they can provide accommodation from two to six people. Some of the models compare to a car, and others are larger with regular refrigerators and shower.

Caravan rental usually has several requirements about the length of the rental period and driving license. The usual length of rental is for five days, but during holidays such as Christmas and New Year, the minimum is 10 days. If a standard driving license is acceptable in New Zealand, it will suffice for driving a caravan. The normal minimum driving age for driving a caravan is 25, though some rental companies cater to younger drivers.

The primary locations for picking up a caravan are in Christchurch and Auckland, mostly near the airports. Other rental agencies are in Nelson, Queenston, Picton, Coromandel Peninsula and Wellington. Companies do not always require returning the campervan or motor home to the original depot.

Many of the rental companies have offices close to the airports and will give a ride to the customers. Travelers can leave their cars at the office.

Several steps and instructions may be explained before the campervan is taken out. The rental agents will provide short lessons on driving the campervan and operating the features. In addition, when returning the campervan, the fuel tank should be filled up, and the toilet should be drained out, or an extra fee will be added.

If the campervan or motor home is driven between the North and South Islands, space on the ship will have to be reserved in advance. The ferryboats charge for the vehicle and each passenger. Some of the rental companies have an agreement with the ferries, possibly providing for a lower rate.

The best choice when hiring a motor home or caravan in New Zealand is to use the full coverage or provide a bond. This cost for the bond is usually more expensive than the insurance. The typical fully covered insurance rate varies from $15 to 35 a day. The cost of the bond will be fully refunded if there is either no accident or damage from a break in and is brought back in clean order. Travelers should consider the insurance of credit cards. Some companies that issue travel insurance will include the bond for the rental vehicle but not for motor homes.

Travelers should request a powered site for a motor home in a campground. This type provides a plug for power, water and a drain. Some campground supplies a dump point for the toilet. The water tank needs to be filled. Many campgrounds offer amenities such as a camp kitchen, laundry and bathing service. Many provide a television and game room. The average cost for campgrounds can range from $10 to 17 daily. It is wise to reserve the site, especially during main holidays and school vacations.

Travelers who hire a motor home or campervan will have a versatile way to take in the sights of New Zealand. Campervans or motor homes permit flexibility as to where visitors want to stay or visit.