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When it comes to owning and maintaining a business there are quite a few items that most business owners do not remember to purchase.  Many company owners forget to prepare for a major power outage, which can affect their company drastically if there are no safety precautions taken ahead of time. A power outage that lasts for an entire day can cause a large amount of work to be lost or incomplete in any company.  Some items you should consider to purchase are battery monitoring systems, load banks, density meters, and digital hydrometers.

Battery Monitoring Systems
A reliable system that ensures peak performance in their batteries during power failure is a battery monitoring system.  These systems monitor and record battery performance to ensure proper functioning and they let you know when something is wrong. These are great for businesses to have because it will ensure the reliability of your critical battery backup.

Load Banks
A crucial part of any company’s power system is a load bank. This acts as battery testing equipment ensuring that the power source is working correctly. Problems can be detected very easily and at any time.  The purpose of a load bank is to tell the owner of the business or building if their power supply is having any problems. This can save you a lot of time and money knowing how well your power supply works and if any problems are occurring.

Density Meters
Testing batteries can be very dangerous to do hands on, the less hands on someone has to be with batteries the better. A density meter can keep your back up energy systems checked when they are not in use safely and quickly. Density meters are a necessity when having any source of generators or battery backup because they allow you to know how well they are working.

Digital Hydrometers
A great way to test equipment is by using a digital hydrometer; they are very accurate and easy to use. By not having an accurate reading on your power sources, you can run into problems with maintaining your batteries. Having an inaccurate number can become a huge problem for you later on for obvious reasons. Digital hydrometers provide a reading in just a few seconds and can be used with one hand.

All of these items, from battery monitoring systems to density meters, are great to have for any business because you never know when you may need to use back up sources for power.

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