Three Components Your Data Center May Be Missing

Three Components Your Data Center May Be Missing

A data center is the most important and vulnerable component of a computer system. A data center is a physical entity where a computer network’s critical systems including air conditioning, backup power supplies and various security applications are stored. However it requires an uninterrupted power supply.

In simple words a data center is a place where a large amount of data is stored in many computers.

A data center offers its users’ services that include facilities like floor and rack space, controlled environment,   telecommunication services, monitoring and operational services, hosting and managed application services.

Every mid-size or large organization has some kind of a data center. The most common example can be that of a bank, a financial institution or a university.

The advantages of a data center are availability, security, connectivity, power density, and energy efficiency.

An outsourcing data center is a heavy investment in information technology for any organization but the advantages cannot be overlooked; some of the advantages include:

1. High class data center facility with state of art infrastructure

2. Maximum use of networking assets to boost an organization’s internal operations

3. Increased network scalability and reliability, if the business grows and requires more network resources, new requirements can be easily met

4. Cost is saved on training people, since competent IT staff can look after the operation and maintenance of the system.

5. Focus can be on core business and on improving services and profit as IT complications and problem solving are being taken care of.

6. IT risk and manpower requirement is reduced and staff retention becomes easy.

Important components to look for in a data center:

Physical Space and Environment
A data center being a physical entity occupies space ranging from one room of a building to a few floors or in a few cases an entire building as well. It must be well stocked with racks for servers. The physical environment is kept under strict control.  The temperature is generally kept low as various electronic equipments generate a lot of heat.

Power Supply
Data centers contain backup computers as a security against data loss which is dependent on uninterrupted power supply. Diesel generators are kept as power back up.

All electric systems including the backup devices are duplicated and connected to power feeds to prevent any failure points.

Physical Security is the backbone of any data center and hence vital. Only a few designated authorities have physical access to the site. Cameras are installed everywhere and there are security guards present to prevent theft of sensitive data.

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