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Updating windows helps homes sell
Are you looking for replacement windows in order to make your real estate easier to sell? You may have purchased a home in the last ten years that claimed to have energy efficient windows, but if you did not appreciate the design, the bad news is that every potential buyer probably feels the same way. For this reason, if you are considering replacing your windows, there are three tips to help you make a wise investment.

Are your windows truly draft dodgers?
In the past thirty years, there has been a surge to replace outdated windows to prevent drafts. Sadly, some of the earlier models have lost their effectiveness over time. Part of this may be due to an outdated design or expired sunlight blocking films. However, utility companies and replacement windows specialists in are happy to help you assess if your windows are truly dodging drafts.

Window functionality needs upgraded to sell a home
When energy efficient windows first came on the market, their goals did not include easy to use features. Instead, these early designs were difficult to clean and eventually became hard to open or close. Plus, the paint finish on many of these energy efficient windows eroded to a powdery mess. New designs, safety features, and easier cleaning make replacement windows  help you attract more buyers.

Hi-tech windows that are still beautiful
When you are looking to save money with replacement windows, one of the things that can get overlooked is how they affect the appearance of the home. If you love the French style windows that open like a pair of French doors, you might be willing to sacrifice eco-friendly windows. Thankfully, the modern market for replacement windows easily address issues like French windows and improve the resale value of your home.

Extra bit of pop
If you already have a window replacement project in progress, you can add one tiny piece that contributes to the “wow” effect for potential buyers. By purchasing an inexpensive piece of stained glass, you can replace one of your windows with artwork. This is especially helpful if you have a bathroom window that faces a public space or an unsightly back alley.

Obviously, there are few barriers to starting a window replacement project. By calling today, asking questions, and getting information, you can discover which windows are right for you.  Get a quote now and drastically change your ability to sell your home.

Contact replacement windows Lancaster PA and get more information and a quote today.