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Three Simple Tips To Look Great For Less This Summer

As summer arrives and you start looking for perfect clothes to get the most from the sun and warmth, but still allow you to look great. Here are a few simple suggestions for you to save some money while re-vamping your summer wardrobe!

Think Vintage!

Vintage shopping is just a sophisticated term for second hand clothing. There is definitely nothing wrong with it either. For those of us that are also interested in being environmentally friendly, re-used clothing saves on material, power and waste. You can also find some great deals and conserve your financial resources. Vintage shopping is a bit of an art, takes time and can be frustrating, so be prepared. Try and go to second hand stores with something in particular in mind, like a jean jacket, and focus your searching on that; if you do happen to find something else while you are browsing, all the better for you. Stick to good brands, ones that have a solid reputation, or buy used clothing that has very little wear and tear. The gems that you find at the thrift store should save you money but also be durable, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Hit Up the Outlets

Like vintage shopping, you can often find really quality buys at outlet stores/malls. Again, try to go shopping with something in mind, and plan your trip on that. The real benefit of outlets is that you can find designer items for budget prices. Take care not to buy things that you don’t need just because they are a great deal though, stay focused and get something that your wardrobe needs or that you want. If there are really good sales, you can always pick up classic pieces in designer stores, and feel good about your buy. Another tip about outlet shopping is to stay out of stores that don’t have the items that you want, if you’re looking for a pattern shirt, or the perfect shoes for your weekend outfit, don’t go into electronic stores that will just encourage you to spend your clothing budget on the latest IPod variant.

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Support your Local Designers

This is something that not enough people do enough of. With the ability for clothing designers to sell through the internet without a huge overhead, lots of local artists make great stuff. You can go check out weekend markets, local web-pages that have links to designers from your area, or check with some of the fashion blogs in your city and see who they like. By supporting locals, you are also probably getting much higher end products, better fabric and more quality craftsmanship. Another bonus is that you may be getting one of a kind, or at least less manufactured items, so they will help you stand out. The best aspect of shopping through local artists is that you will save money too, because although it may be more expensive than vintage or mall goods, local designers clothing is still “designer”.

There you have it, three simple suggestions to keep you looking good through summer without breaking the bank. Getting out to vintage shops, and trying to get in touch with local designers can really help break up the monotony of shopping in a mall, and can get you out in to the sun as well. Good luck finding a few hidden gems.

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