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If there is a birthday coming up and you would like to have something adventurous planned, laser tag is a fantastic option. Many people think that this is mainly gender specific, but both genders can enjoy this experience. It is safe, there is no ammunition, and there is no pain. This is better than scheduling a paintballing event and certainly less messy! Knowing what is involved will make it easier to schedule such an event, especially if it is a child’s or teenager’s birthday.  So, how do you get started on planning the best laser tag birthday party? Keep reading.

Pick the Location

The first step is to look into what locations there are in your area for laser tag facilities. There may be multiple locations or there may simply just be one. If there are multiple locations, you will be able to compare prices and find something that is most affordable for you. Look into what the package deals are for parties. Is there a limit to how many people can be invited? This will soon act as a guide to how many people you can invite, which may make it easier to write a list when it comes down to it.

Pick a Date and Time

Once you have decided which package you want, you need to schedule a date and time that will be most convenient for everyone you want to invite to the event. This could be on the weekend or even during the summer if that is where the person’s birthday lands. Just make sure that it is at a convenient time and location. You can then get the invites prepared and sent out. Not everyone will be able to come, but do not feel bad about that. Everyone loves a good game of laser tag, so there should be a great turn out.

Plan the Details

Many places have private party rooms. This is where all of the gifts can be put as well as the food and drink. If you are planning out what food to bring, it is best to avoid anything that is a common allergy. You may want to avoid anything having to do with peanuts and shellfish. Please ask the parents or guests to write down what they may be allergic to when they send in the RSVP cards or simply to call you. This can help make it a comfortable time for everyone while avoid potential allergic reactions.

Most professional facilities either allow for you to bring your own food or they may have partnered with a business that provides pizza or other foods for parties. It may be easier to get food through the facility itself rather than bring your own. Make sure you ask them about this, so there are no surprises.

Most places can cater to parties up to 30 people, so that is important to keep in mind. This can be a very fun and energy draining birthday celebration. Make sure to have all of the loose ends tied up, so that it can run as smoothly as possible for everyone involved.

Julian Moore is a dad, avid gamer and freelance writer who writes on behalf of