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It used to be that only the elite and small percentage of the population completed law school. That meant that when it came time to look for jobs, those who had gone through the arduous and mentally taxing process of law school were in high demand and didn’t have the same trouble finding jobs as people with fewer qualifications.

Today, with a far greater number of people in higher education in general, more and more people see law school as a way to be more competitive in the hiring market. This, of course, means that finding a job after graduation is far more difficult than it once was. Even those who have already worked extensively in the legal profession might have trouble re-entering or switching to another firm or area; there is simply more competition for everyone involved.

If you should find yourself in the position of being a law school graduate or looking for a new position in the legal field, it’s important not to get frustrated. If you are having trouble finding work via the conventional methods, consider registering with a legal staffing agency that can help lead you to employers that are looking for workers. Even though it may not seem ideal, doing any kind of law work—even if it’s temporary and not contractual—will avoid the dreaded resume “gaps” that future employers will inevitably wonder about. In addition, you will be working the field in which you want to make a career, which is essential if you want to make contacts that will prove useful to you later on.

Registering with an attorney staffing service if you’re qualified but having trouble finding legal jobs can often be the best way to make progress. Here are some examples of the specific things that employers and law firms look for through employment agencies.

  • Legal Assistance Training

If you’re not a lawyer but have legal skills and training, finding work as a paralegal, document reviewer, assistant, administrator or case manager is a feasible option for you.

  • Skills in a Particular Field

If you have experience in a particular field—such as civil rights law, environmental, employment, class action or anti trust—an employment service can help match your specific skills with an employer or firm that is seeking specifically trained individuals.

  • Language Skills

If you have special language skills and can help law firms translate legalese for their clients, it’s likely that your services would be in high demand.

It’s important to realize that when looking for a permanent job, you have to start somewhere. Starting in a position that is maybe not precisely what you want is better than having not working at all. An employment agency can help you make that first step to get ahead.

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