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For bathrooms in master bedroom suites and for common bathrooms used by families with more than one small child, many home owners wish that they had a double vanity to accommodate more than one person at the sink area at a time. Many people are hesitant to start a remodel job project because they do not know that even small bathrooms can include two vanities, that doubling the sinks does not double the price tag and that they can fully customize their remodeling job within their budget constraints.

Even Small Bathrooms Can Include Two Vanities
Yes when bathrooms are already crowded, many homeowners are surprised that a dual sink unit would fit in space. However, most bathrooms are large enough unless they are diminutive half-bathrooms. Units with two sinks are built using different styles and come in many sizes. The cabinets and sink fixture can be extremely narrow and still offer the best of practical functionality and designer appeal. Countertop surface in some small bathrooms is sacrificed, but the units still give room for two people standing next to each other using different sinks without any over-crowded feeling.

Double Sinks not Double Price
Of course a double sink vanity will cost more than the cheapest single sink unit, but both singles and doubles are found at reasonable prices, and doubling the vanities is not adding twice as much to the cost. The choices at different budget levels for double bathroom vanities provide the options that match need and taste. Homeowners can have the double vanity in their bathroom without breaking their banks. Now while purchasing the very least expensive may compromise quality, several lower-end or medium priced units are attractive and affordable.

Remodels Are Fully Customizable
Homeowners can select from the wide variety of double bathroom vanities for those that match their personal style and function needs. For instance, many people do not know that they can choose the height of their bathroom sinks. Nothing is more uncomfortable than standing over a vanity that is far too low. Adversely, those sinks that are too high are very inconvenient. No one wants to use stools except young children, but many adults find that their sinks and countertops are uncomfortably high for them to reach.

Affordable Selections Are Phenomenal
With all of the double sink vanity options, designers and home owners can choose those styles and sizes that fit exactly what they need for a renewed bathroom. Lovely new sink and cabinet additions to the bathroom may be the only items necessary to transform the space. The phenomenal and affordable selections of double vanity units and other fixtures help people create incredible remodeled bathroom spaces that often exceed their expectations.

Cesar is home decor blogger and recommends using a double sink vanity for bathroom remodeling projects. For more information about vanities please visit

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