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Three Top IT Qualifications

IT Courses Online

IT skills are required in just about any and every industry. There are a multitude of qualifications available both online and on-campus. For professionals who wish to give their career and their CV a boost, online courses are extremely appealing. This is largely because students can work to their own schedule, the courses are not location specific and students can progress at their own pace.

How to choose

How do you go about choosing a course once you have decided that it is time to enhance your career with further learning? This is probably the most challenging decision. First, it is important to take a look at your experience. It is not recommended to deviate too much from what you have been doing, rather train yourself up to become an expert in a specific niche. Secondly, decide where you want to go; choose a career role model and map how to get there. Then take the appropriate courses. Many courses may seem interesting and appealing but they may not necessarily get you where you want to go.

Top Recommended Courses

There are many great IT courses available and this list is by no means exhaustive. It is just a brief look at three of the top rated courses in the IT world. These are courses for mid-level professionals. However, they can provide a good road map for those just starting out. Even if these suggestions do not provide the answers you are looking for, hopefully they will provide some inspiration.

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1)     Microsoft Certified IT Professional Credential (MCITP)

This course is a validation of proven job ability. There are a few hoops that need to already have been leapt through to reach this point of training. For instance, candidates must already have passed several Microsoft exams and have some experience in the field. This certification is available for various fields, including database developer or administrator; server administrator or enterprise messaging administrator. This certification has been matched to popular job and is therefore relevant and valuable.

2)     Security +

Security is a crucial and increasingly important field for companies. A breach of data or loss of sensitive information can prove to be the kiss of death for companies. Once again, the compTIA Security + course is only for experienced professionals, although the requirements are not too stringent. Two years’ of experience are needed to take the exam. Many in the field believe that this qualification should be a basic requirement for IT employees responsible for client data and sensitive information.

3)     Project Management Professional (PMP)

IT generally functions from project to project. It makes perfect sense that to get ahead in this field project management is a valuable skill and qualification. This certification is completed through the Project Management Institute or a similar organisation. (Every country has some kind of Project Management Institution). This certification is proof of skills and expertise when it comes to planning, managing, budgeting for and leading a project. As with the other qualifications in this course it is for mid-level professionals with generally three to five years of experience.

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