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If the Olympic gold medallist Ben Ainslie has been inspiration enough, you may consider taking to the seas on a sailing holiday. Of course, you won’t necessarily have the sailing prowess of GB’s finest, but if you want a holiday that breaks free from the norm and allows you to explore marine delights in exotic places, then a sailing holiday may seem like the perfect choice.

Before you set off on your adventure on the high seas, weigh up all the pros and cons especially if you’re a beginner. For instance, do you crave a sense of adventure and dream of being a skipper? If so, are you prepared to put in some hard graft and take an introductory yachting course and acquire some boating skills? Are you the type of person who can cope with the chance of some adverse weather? Or perhaps you’re the kind of person who prefers to kick back with your family or friends whilst a small crew charters your course in an exotic location.

Check out the examples below before you decide on what’s the best course for you.

Luxury Yacht
If you have experience of sailing, there are a few boat charters to choose from that will give you the freedom of being your own skipper.  Hire a luxury catamaran or yacht and take to the pristine, emerald-azure coloured seas of the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean. If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own yacht without the budget to match, hiring a boat is the perfect way to explore stunning coastlines at leisure without the pressure of being wheeled around in tourist hoards on land. Snorkel or scuba dive in protected waters and appreciate the beauty of tropical marine life. Hiring a yacht is also a great way to spend quality time with family and friends. Once you’ve exhausted the bountiful options of exploring at sea you will always have the option of stopping off at any of the marinas, restaurants or boutiques.

Super Powerboat
Instead of “pushing the boat out” literally, if you’re new to sailing you might prefer hiring a luxury powerboat for your sailing holiday. Hire a Powercat from an industry-approved luxury charter company and it will be akin to stepping onto your own personal floating hotel. Glancing through glossy brochures, you’ll find it hard to believe how much space you get on a luxury Powercat. But you have to book yourself on one to believe it. Luxury Powercats come equipped with fully air-conditioned rooms, queen beds, en-suite bathrooms and full entertainment centres.  Also, on board, you’ll find fully-equipped galleys with snorkelling kit to explore the tranquil waters at your leisure.  A powerboat has the added bonus of covering more coastlines if time is not a luxury.

Ultimate Yacht Paradise  
Empower yourself and go on your own personal cruise by opting for a cutting edge all-inclusive luxury crewed sailing holiday. With this marine equivalent of glamping, it will be plain, lazy sailing, as a small crew takes charge of the sails or the power steering, giving you the ultimate freedom to enjoy the ocean tropics without a care in the world. If you choose to have a gourmet chef on board, you will enjoy delicious seafood dishes.  And with so many sailing destinations to explore, the world is your oyster. From the laid-back Caribbean pleasures of the Grenadines to the cultural romance of southern Italy or bejewelled waters of Turkey, you will be spoilt for choice.

Biog:  Sudha is looking forward to a totally chilled out luxury holiday aboard a yacht in the Far East next year.