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Celebrating a couple’s love for one another is always special, but it is especially so when they have reached a major milestone in their marriage. When you want to recognize and praise that love, throwing a surprise anniversary party may be the answer. It is not about the fancy banquet tables you order or what venue you choose, the most important aspects of the party will be the family, friends, memories, and most importantly love.

Remind Them How Lucky They Are
After you have been with someone for 25, 30, or even 50 years, chances are there may have been a few times that they have lost faith in their love. Don’t let them forget a single moment. At the party be sure there are plenty of memories around, you can do this by:

– Having a digital slideshow that plays throughout the party.

– Allow a time where guests can share their favorite memory of the happy couple.

– Try to recreate certain parts of their wedding at the party. It does not have to be an exact replica just a few things to make them remember that day like their wedding song.

– Have an area where guests can fill out something for the couple. This could be something simple as a guest book or could be more unique like having an activity. For example, try getting mason jars and Popsicle sticks. Each guest will write a date idea on the Popsicle stick and place it in the jar. Then whenever they need a little reminder of their love, they can pick out one of the sticks and they will have to go on that date.

Planning the Party of a Lifetime
When it comes to planning such a special event that had the chance of becoming a very large party, you need to keep a few things in mind. When planning the party be careful not to overspend on necessities like banquet tables and chairs for guests, linens for the tables, and the venue. This party is not about your surroundings it is about celebrating a couple who has made it through so much and after all these years they are still in love.

Remember that the priorities should be the things that will make this party special for the couple of honor. Fill the space with family, friends, memories, good food, and good times—they will not forget it.

Jillian Johnson is a professional marketing content writer with an interest in writing about event planning. Follow her @MissWritey.