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The task of writing an essay can seem daunting when it’s assigned, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Essays are extremely stylized and follow a specific structure, so you don’t have to be an amazing writer to produce a good essay. The purpose of an essay is simply to answer a question. All you have to do is come up with an answer, the evidence to back it up, and then end with a summary of your argument and a reason why it’s relevant and important. The task at hand is straight-forward and technical, and if you follow these essay tips, you’re sure to write a successful paper.

Do the Research:
When you’re assigned an essay topic, you should always do the research. That means if topic is on a book you’re assigned to read, you should start reading it at once. Don’t use Spark Notes, Cliff Notes, or Wikipedia; you’ll more than likely come across inaccurate information and you’ll without a doubt miss out on a book that was assigned for a reason- possibly a lesson you need to learn. Even skimming the book is a bad idea. Instead of taking a step backwards, be proactive and take notes while you read that will help you write your essay. Having notes will help you save time. Here’s an expert tip: always write down page number with your notes; you’ll be glad you did.

Always Make an Outline:
An outline serves many purposes: it structures your thoughts and ideas, which allows you to arrange your paragraphs to prove your point most effectively, and it keeps your essay organized and cohesive. Another benefit of having an outline is that it can quickly turn a blinking cursor against a white screen into a series of bullet points. At least this way your ideas are on paper and organized, even if they’re not in full sentences. Remember, ideas are just half the battle.

Don’t Procrastinate:
Never wait until the last minute to write an essay; it will sound rushed and unorganized at best. Usually essays that are written quickly and under pressure fail to address part or the entire question they are asked to answer. Teachers really don’t like this and their disdain usually shows through their grading.

Proofread More Than Once:
Proofreading is a good idea and it is also common sense. Proofreading an essay more than once sounds even better but don’t let it just sound better. Make sure you actually do it. Leave yourself enough time so that you can proofread your paper on different days. You should even let someone else look over your paper. Grammatical errors alone can be the difference between an ‘A’ and a ‘B’.

Paige One looks for ways to create a successful essay and in order to write successful papers there are always essay tips to improve your writing.