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It has become a popular jewellery trend to buy eternity bands as anniversary gifts. These rings epitomize luxury and elegance with glistening diamonds and sparkling rubies and sapphires.

The endless circle symbolizes eternal love, and many eternity rings are multi-plaited. Eternity rings have been round for over 4000 years so you’ll find both lovely antique and modern eternity rings. As you choose one, keep these tips in mind, one being that this is often the most personalized piece of jewellery you’ll wear.

How to Choose Eternity Rings

As you begin shopping for rings together, decide what kind of design or style of ring you want. Are you going choose a design that will complement your wedding bands.

Decide whether you want a traditional full or half design. Full eternity bands feature diamonds or other gemstones around the entire band, while a half band only includes stones on the top half of the band. While a full eternity band is traditional, it costs over twice as much as a half eternity band, and it presents other issues.  Full eternity bands need to be custom ordered as they can’t be adjusted later for ring finger size. Because of this jewellers don’t carry many samples of these or if they do, only one of each ring size for you to get an idea of styles.

Half eternity rings are becoming more popular as women choose to show off their diamonds in the face of the ring. They’re also more comfortable, since the depth of the shank makes full eternity bands uncomfortable and sometimes limits your choices.

Tips For Choosing Eternity Rings

Choose your setting. One option features a classic channel setting, where the stones are set in the groove of the band and allows for a more comfortable fit. Lately, claw settings have become more popular, and they involve setting the stones into the metal of the “shank” in a pave setting. These are similar to a channel setting but more secure.

Select your diamonds. Princess and Emerald Cut diamonds work well because the stones can flush up against each other, providing a continuous look. However, a new trend has emerged, and it’s becoming increasingly more popular to select contrasting styles of diamonds, such as round and square cut stones to create a unique eternity ring.

Buying an Eternity Ring

To many women, an eternity ring symbolizes how much her husband think of her, as well as being able to afford the important and luxurious ring.  Some husbands surprise their wives their wives with one as early their  first anniversary while others buy one after their wife has their first child.  There is no set rule on when to present your wife with an eternity ring, however it’d becoming popular to buy an elegant ruby and diamond eternity ring for your 40th anniversary, known as the Ruby anniversary.

Do you like modern rings with an antique or Art Deco style? In addition to an extensive selection of antique engagement rings, Kalmar Antiques also features modern rings, including  custom order diamond eternity bands.  If you want a basic diamond full eternity band, think about ordering an 18 carat white gold ring with a bezel setting and floral design. It features 48 sparkling diamond chips that weigh just under a half a carat.

If you are interested in a wonderful ruby and diamond eternity ring, consider this 7.2 mm wide ring in yellow and white gold. It can also be ordered in platinum. It features a miligrain setting with the diamonds and rubies crimped along the edge. It includes 1.5 carats of rubies and .15 o a carat of diamonds.

No matter which anniversary you’re celebrating or what kind of ideas you have in mind for your eternity ring, contact Kalmar Antiques to see their selection.