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Tips For Giving Effective And Professional Presentations

Somewhere along the line we have all be subjected to bad presentations and yet we can’t get up leave and nor can we bring ourselves to pay attention long enough to take in what is being said. It’s a sad state of affairs because very often business presentations are highly effective in their bottom line.

Go Prepared

Know your stuff like Steve Jobs did and be prepared to answer any off-the-bat question about your product. It inspires confidence in your clientele when you know and are well acquainted with your merchandise and confident about it. This would be obvious but it may surprise many to know that there are many speakers out there who just don’t prepare correctly. Steve Jobs was not one of them. He was the epitome of what it was to deliver a fantastic business presentation. He did more than just inform the crowd. He was engaging and turned presentations into theatrics. He made himself memorable.

Be Memorable

Dress the part and exude a positive attitude. Some people go overboard and try to be over-positive, which becomes somewhat cheesy and almost desperate. Strike the right balance and that should come naturally if you know your product and are well prepared for your business presentation.

Be Interesting

It’s not as difficult as one may think. Cracking a joke every now and again really works in your favour. If you’ve watched your fair share of Ted Talks you will know an effective presentation skills include engaging fun every now and then as well as throwing in interesting anecdotes.

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Stay On Topic

There are instance where people presenting ideas to clients will wander off topic. This is not a problem if you’re cracking a joke or referring to an anecdote, but when the wandering is not relevant to the presentation and does not address the needs of your audience, the confidence in you will be undermined and that is something you want to avoid altogether if you want to give an effective business presentation.

There are so many simple, yet effective tips to take on board when preparing professional presentations. For those who suffer from stage fright, there is nothing more soothing and confidence boosting than knowing your product back to front and inside out, and then throwing in something relative and funny about the merchandise. Look to Steve Jobs and his presentations for further tips, you don’t get a better mentor in public speaking, than Jobs.

Vida Denning is a freelance writer who often has to do presentations to clients on their content requirements. Vida came across this topic while researching Miami office space.

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