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Tips For Handling Pregnant Bridesmaids

This year’s famous pregnant bridesmaids like Jessica Simpson have brought the issue of expecting attendants to the public eye. It can be a bit of a dilemma sometimes, especially for brides who might tend to forget – just once in a while – that other people have lives outside of their weddings. These tips for handling pregnant bridesmaids will help everyone to manage the situation with grace.

Don’t Take It Personally:
Seriously. This should not even have to be said, but there are a surprising number of brides who are personally offended that one of their attendants would dare to get pregnant. It can be especially troublesome if the mother-to-be is due to deliver very close to the wedding date. Dear brides, rest assured that no bridesmaid is crazy enough to get pregnant just to complicate your wedding plans. Life happens, even in the midst of planning the Wedding of the Year. Even if you are secretly annoyed at the inconvenience, paste a smile on your face and offer your friend your heartiest congratulations about her bundle of joy.

Be Accommodating:
A pregnant bridesmaid will obviously not have the same figure as the rest of the bridal party. As Jessica Simpson showed, a flowy empire waist gown will work even if your attendant is really close to her due date. If you know about the pregnancy before the bridesmaid dresses have been ordered, try to choose a style that will accommodate your friend’s expanding waistline. Another option is to select one dress for the rest of the bridal party and a complementary style for the one who is expecting. Some bridesmaid dress lines even have maternity collections, so you will have more choices than you think. Don’t get too caught up in having everyone match exactly. They will all look pretty in their special dresses and beautiful bridesmaid jewelry, which is all that matters.

Ask For Her Opinion:
Keep an open line of communication with your pregnant bridesmaid. Ask her if she will be comfortable standing for the duration of your ceremony or if she needs a chair. Find out what she thinks about wearing a different dress than the other women in the group. Inquire about how she is feeling because you are friends, not just because it impacts your wedding plans. And if she is going to be very far along by your due date, let her know that you will be happy to have her in your wedding in any capacity she can manage. If she doesn’t feel up to walking down the aisle in the processional, give her a special seat of honor in the front pew.

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Be Supportive:
As hard as it may be for some brides to accept, having a baby is an even bigger life event than having a wedding. So even though you are excited about your upcoming nuptials (as well you should be), remember to be excited for your friend’s big news too. Plan a baby shower for her, bring over pickles and ice cream, and shop for cute little baby outfits with her. Just as she is your bridesmaid to show support for your wedding, as a friend, you should be supportive of her as well. After all, that is just how friends should treat each other through all of life’s moments, big and small.

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