Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Looking Like New

More than likely you have some carpet in your home. Carpet can be tricky because it isn’t always the easiest to keep clean and to keep looking nice all the time. Here are some tricks to keeping your carpet looking nice while also extending the life expectancy of your carpeting.

Use Rugs
Using throw rugs in high-traffic areas is a fantastic way to keep those areas clean. By doing this you also avoid additional wear and tear on your carpet. Even if you prefer to remove your shoes before walking on your carpet, which is also recommended for better maintenance, throw rugs will still preserve your carpet in these areas of your home that get walked through regularly.

Keep it Clean
Contrary to popular belief, carpet is actually good for you as long as you keep it clean. Carpet is safer in the event of a fall, and is kinder to feet when walking on it. Weekly vacuuming and regular professional cleaning is necessary to keep your carpet in its optimal condition. If something is spilled on carpet, be sure to quickly clean it up and use a spot clean remover if necessary.

It is important to keep in mind that no carpet is completely stain-proof. Some carpets may have stain resistant treatments which will assist in resisting some spills. However, these types of carpets will not fully prevent stains from appearing. Soil is the cause of many stains. For example, if something containing sugar spills on your carpet, such as a soft drink, and that soft drink is not properly cleaned, soil from feet or shoes will later attract to the sugar contained in that soft drink, and will result in what appears to be a stain. The best way to avoid this is to completely clean the soft drink out of the carpet, and then completely rinse it with water to remove the sugar from the carpet. This will help prevent a future dark mark.

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Other Tips

  • Prolonged sun exposure on your carpet can actually bleach the color of it. It is best to avoid direct sunlight on your carpet for this reason.
  • Carpet wears the most in those high-traffic areas. To avoid having the same areas worn down on your carpet, you may want to consider changing your furniture around so that people will take different paths when walking through your home.
  • Placing guides under heavy pieces of furniture helps to prevent crushing of your carpeting.

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