Tips For Petites From The Best Dressed Celebrities

Tips For Petites From The Best Dressed Celebrities

We know it’s hard to dress a petite frame, and it’s even harder to translate the looks of People Magazine’s best dressed women into your own personal style. But with the following tips, we’ve taken the seemingly immense task, and trimmed it down to size.

Gwyneth Paltrow is the best dressed woman for 2012. Her simple, never overdone fashion style still manages to be sexy with rich fabrics in classic neutrals. And although Gwyneth is tall at 5’9″, her fashionability lends itself to the petite figure. Choose styles that flow close to the body with surprising back and neck interest, especially v or u-shaped necklines which elongate the petite frame.

Rihanna has been deemed the Risky Renegade because of her fashion pioneering. Her inimitable style on the red carpet bares some skin, while still draping loose and lovely on her 5’8″ frame. Petites can pull the look off if they keep the volume to a minimum or add some shape with a narrow belt. On the street Rihanna has a more straight, frayed and skintight style, which works well on petites.

Jessica Alba, 5’7″, was nominated as the Jean Queen. That’s because she’s been spotted in every jean color imaginable. And she rocks them right, pairing denim with light layers. For petites, stick to darker colors and straight legs for a longer, leaner look. And stay away from bulky layering pieces.

At 5’10”, Kate Middleton, is the epitome of impeccable elegance in opulent fabrics and simple solids. You can take a cue from Kate’s timeless fashion sense and graceful, figure-flattering petite dresses fit for a princess.

Diane Kruger also got a nod for her stunning couture gowns. She makes high fashion look easy. (Of course, being an ex-model helps!) The petite woman can learn from Diane that fit is everything. Fitted clothing, even if you have to spend more for tailoring, is a must for petites.

Jennifer Lawrence of the Hunger Game’s has an aptitude for fashion way beyond her 25 years. A just-above-the-knee length lace sheath is the ideal length for a petite figure. Anything shorter and the hem falls at the thickest part of the thigh making legs look even shorter.

And of course, the bombshell Kardashian’s were nominated for Best Trendsetters. 5′ Courtney, 5’3″ Kim, and 5’10” Khloe have made high heels an art form and where these sisters are concerned, the higher the heels, the better. That’s an awesome tip for adding stature to the petite frame. So what’s the common denominator for both short and tall sisters? It’s showing off those fabulous legs, from knee length to petite dresses and accessorizing like it’s no one’s business.

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Mercedes Potter is a writer with an eye for fashion. This years best dressed celebrities like Rihanna and Kate Middleton, offer up some essential looks that can be valuable to petite woman. Follow her @CedesPotter to read other fall fashion tips.

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