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An article on how to check for any issues with your car.

As a driver, unless you are very fortunate indeed you will experience something going wrong with your car at some point, but you can recognise and assess a number of these problems before any great damage is done.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that certain things go wrong and material objects break, and as much as today’s cars have gone through so many advancements they too are still not immune from trouble here and there. The specific severity of a problem varies a lot but often an area is merely in need of a minor adjustment rather than a major alteration, but either way there are signs to take note of when they arise.

It is illegal to have tyres with less than 1.6mm of tread depth so keep a watch over that, as well as other possible problems. A sign of the air in your tyres being low is your vehicle pulling to the side after you have braked fairly abruptly. It is very important to keep your tyres in full working order as an accident may not be too far away if they are in a particularly poor state. Another sign to look out for is how it feels when you negotiate a corner – if it feels slightly strange or not as rigid as usual then there could be an issue with your tyres.

There are a few different places in the car that can cause a leak so if you happen to notice a puddle underneath the vehicle then try to identify what it is. You should then have a look at the level of fluids in the engine and if it looks like a leak has occurred take your car to a garage to be checked over.

Other cues
Your sense of hearing and smell are key to noticing a lot of other irregular problems with your car. You will find that certain problems alert you and offer you ample opportunity to give them attention before something goes drastically wrong. Certain noises with the brakes or burning smells are examples of clear problem indicators.

It is perhaps slightly ironic that if there is a problem with the silencer in your car exhaust it makes a very definite noise, but nevertheless it is the case. A rattling or vibrating sound suggests that something has come loose in the exhaust and if there is an issue with the mechanisms that hold it in place it certainly requires attention. There could also be a cracked part of the exhaust if you can hear a noise that sounds a lot like it is hissing.

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