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Many young people now a day (especially women) want to start their own fashion label and get their name out there as a new designer, this is a tough and cut throat world to start up in. I aim to give you some tips and advice to get this going for you, so lets start!

The Education

A lot of people may think all you need to do to own your own fashion label is to be able to create gorgeous clothing and walk it down the catwalk, this is now the case. A first major step to having your very own clothing line is your education, this is where most people will fall! After All, owning a fashion label is a business and therefore you will need a good business mind if you want to sell and make profits that is!

Tips For Starting Your Own Fashion Brand

There is a strategic course available in the UK in London College of Fashion. This teaches you all of the skills you may need to know to run your fashion label some of the features include:

  • Dealing with being your own boss
  • How to structure your business
  • Ways on planning your venture
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Running a fashion business
  • Product development
  • Sourcing fabrics
  • Costings
  • Dealing with VAT
  • Understanding profit and losses
  • And more….

The great thing about getting on one of these courses is it only lasts a few days, maximum of 5 days! It may be a lot to fit in but you would be much better off taking a course like this other than learning it the hard way, believe me, I have been there!

The Pricing

The pricing means nothing if you really need to take the course and it is really what you want to do, I mean who can put a price on your future, right? The course is astonishingly pretty cheap and costs just £325 or £350 in some areas.

A lot of people do walk into this business looking for success and quickly fail, I am not pointing fingers or naming names, but they really do think they know it all and it will all fall at their feet, this is not the case! Being your own boss and managing people is very hard work and takes dedication!

Bio: Jemma started her own fashion label and failed within her first year, she wished she knew about course such as these before she started her company, she started creating women belts and sold them at markets but she quickly realised her costings were not adding up and sadly had to end the business.