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It is more fun to move around on a bike. They are not only a cheap means of commuting, but also friendly to the environment. It can be a very challenging task to chose a perfect bike, reason being that there is a wide variety each intended for a specific purpose. Knowing how to choose perfect bike for you will not only save your money, but also give you a great riding experience. It is therefore important to ask yourself why you need a bike in the first place and also the kind of ride you intend to put your bike.

First of all it is worth knowing that there are three main types of bikes. These are;

Mountain Bikes,

Road Bikes and,

Hybrid Bikes.

 Below is a guide to help you know how to choose perfect bike for you;

Tips On How To Choose Perfect Bike

 If you need speed, fitness training, or intend to frequently ride long distances, a road bike will be a perfect choice for you. They feature a narrow tire, lighter weight, and have a drop-bar handle bar that allows you to efficiently channel all your energy to move forward. The drop-bar handle bar allows you to change riding position, although this might not go well for you if you are not flexible or have back problems. If you are a beginner, road bikes will not be a good choice for you since they are difficult to handle, and the bent over riding position might affect your visibility. Moreover, road bikes are not suitable for dirt or gravel roads.

A mountain bike will be a perfect choice for you if you intend to ride on dirt, rocky or a graveled road. They have wider tires, great breaking system, and are facilitated with shock absorbers that enable it to withstand potholes thereby giving you a smooth ride. Unlike road bikes, mountain bikes are easy to handle on steeper roads because they have lower gears. The main disadvantage of mountain bikes is that they are heavy hence not appropriate for speed and long distance ride. Just like road bikes, they are also not easy to handle and thus not appropriate for a novice.

If you intend to acquire a bike that provides comfort and efficient pedaling, a hybrid bike will be a good choice. They offer a great sitting position that provides comfort as you ride. They are more appropriate for commuting within short distances especially if you live and work within the city. Moreover, they are easy to handle and provides easy pedaling, therefore a hybrid bike is appropriate for a novice and also people with back problem. However, hybrid bikes are not appropriate for off-roads and long distance rides.

It is also important to know that the above mentioned bikes exist in different sizes. A bike that perfectly fits you will not only allow you to control it with ease, but also provide you with comfort and great riding experience. How do I know a perfect size that fits me? The right size is the one that allows you to comfortably seat on the saddle while touching the ground on either side with tips of your toes.