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I hope you never have to see a solicitor in your life. But chances are you will, and I want to be
clear in saying I’m not condemning you to a life of crime. Solicitors are needed for all sorts of
reasons we encounter in life. If you have a problem that is dictated by law then you might need
a solicitor to come to your rescue.

Common reasons why you might need a solicitor include: divorce, contract dispute or something
like a personal injury claim, either in work or not. The key is you need to pick the right solicitor
to represent your predicament. Many might assume a solicitor is a solicitor and can come to
your aid in any situation isn’t entirely true. Like surgeons, solicitors come attached to many
specialities. Here’s a few of the more common ones.

In land and property transactions these guys are the people that try and help things go
smoothly. Solicitors will draw up contracts and such like to protect both buyer and seller. Other
reasons one might be needed might be in land or property disputes.

Personal Injury
These people deal with the kind of issues that arise both in and out of work. In an employment
type context you may have a fall at work due to a lack of safety regulations put in place by
your employers. A personal injury solicitor steps in an attempt to gain compensation for your
suffering. Big payouts are made in some cases, but there are a lot of unreputable companies
looking to make a quick fortune on your behalf, so be vigilant.

These guys make big money because they deal with big money. Business can be a messy old
world, what with all those shareholders plotting takeovers left, right and centre. Commercial
solicitors try to keep everything above board and people happy. Of course they don’t just deal
with shares; they act as advisors on all sorts of matters namely acquisitions and such like.

These are just three of the many different types of solicitor, but I wanted to just bring awareness
to the various types of specialities that occur. We encounter solicitors all the time whether
direct or not, in many ways they dictate everything. Law firms come in many different packages.
Use your yellow pages as much as the internet to find the one for you. Unfortunately these
things cost money, but the cost can be much higher if you choose not to consult the right

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