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If you have a fuel oil tank, it is extremely important that you look after it correctly. Cleaning your fuel oil tank is an important task which you should be doing to maintain your fuel oil tank correctly. You should also be cleaning your fuel oil tank anytime you see any sludge in it. If you don’t then this can create yourself a bigger job than what is actually needed. Cleaning a fuel oil tank can be rather easy, that’s if you know what you are doing! There are a few simple things which you need to clean your oil tank which is a cleaning solution, air pump and an air hose.

Even though the job can seem fairly easy, it can be rather dangerous if you do not complete it properly, not only for yourself but also for the environment. Here are some tips for you on cleaning out your fuel oil tank quickly and easily whilst protecting yourself, the environment and the lifespan of you oil tank! If you are too worried to clean your tank out yourself then you can always employ someone to do the oil tank cleaning for you instead.

Firstly, you need to open the drainage valve so that you can drain the fuel oil tank. Before you do this you need to get an appropriate sized container so that you can catch all the oil and fluid draining from the tank. You may need some help whilst draining the tank as you will need to replace the container once it is full so that there is no over spillage. You should then spray the inside of the tank with the water hose and let the water drain out until it is completely clear.

You should then replace the drainage cap onto the fuel tank and then open the main filler. You then need to fill the tank with the correct measurements of the cleaning products. You then need to put the air hose into the tank through the main filler until it reaches the bottom of the tank. You should leave the air pump on overnight; this is so that the cleaning solution can thoroughly clean through the whole tank. Once you have left it overnight, you can then drain it out.

It is important that after oil tank cleaning you dry the tank, this can be rather difficult but a tried and tested way is to pour the correct amount of denatured alcohol into the tank. It will depend on the size of the tank to how much you should pour in. Try and cover as much of the interior surface as possible as the denatured alcohol will absorb remaining water. You should then use the air hose to blow air into the tank which will dry it out.

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