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Making Sure That the Suit Fits

When it comes to your jacket, you should be able to move comfortably when you have it on. It is important that you not only be able to move comfortably when it is unbuttoned, but also when it is buttoned. The same is true for the vest which should always be buttoned and should hit just under the waistband of the pants.

As for the shirt, the collar should fit in such a way that you can fit one finger between it and your neck. Also, the cuffs of the shirt should not slide up when you stretch your arms. The place where the cuff breaks depends on the type of shirt that you are wearing. If it is a button-cuff shirt, it should break at the wrist. If your shirt is a French-cuff shirt, it should break about half an inch past the wrist.

Different Suits for Different Body Types

Men who are bigger around the middle should try to wear suits that have a lower buttoning jacket. When the buttons are lower this will give you a taller and leaner figure. When it comes to shorter men, they should wear a single-breasted jacket as these will make give the appearance of a taller profile.

Properly Wearing & Accessorizing Your Suit

There is a proper way to wear a suit and they are as follows. All the buttons on the dress shirt should be buttoned; this includes the buttons on the cuffs as well as the small one on the placket.

When it comes to the jackets, there are different ways to button them depending on the type of jacket. Two-button jackets should button only the top button. For three-button jackets, the middle one should be buttoned and the top one is optional depending on your preference. It is also acceptable to wear it unbuttoned if you prefer. It is important to note that the bottom button should never be buttoned unless you are at a funeral.

All too often, when it comes to shoes, men do not put effort into this. It is common to see a man with a very nice suit, then when you look down his shoes are below par. A lot of men do not think it is worth it to spend money on good shoes, but the opposite is true. When buying shoes you should spend half of what you spend on your suit. Adding color to your suit is simple. This can be done with a tie or even a pocket handkerchief. That being said, it is important that the suit itself not be an odd color; it should always be neutral and conservative.

The Staple of Your Wardrobe

Suits are an important staple in a man’s wardrobe. That being said, it is important that the suit fits correctly and that it is well worn to make the man look his very best. Shoes and other accessories are also just as important as the suit itself.

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