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Working in hot conditions can lead to low levels of productivity, short tempers and increased levels of stress. I manage a small team in an even smaller office block and I have noticed in my time as a manager that overheating really can cause huge issues.  It’s important to be able to motivate my team at all times so I can get the best work out of them. But in hot weather this can be an uphill struggle.

This past week has been extremely hot, and my team have been extremely difficult to get focused. If you’re experiencing the same type of issues I have some tips on how to turn the hot and sticky situations into cooler work environments which work as they should, in all weather.

  • Air conditioning is a big investment for small businesses but it really is a must.
  • Allowing windows to be opened is also essential however you need to prepare the desks and work spaces with paper weights to stop papers being strewn all over the floor.
  • Turn off all electrical equipment which isn’t being used (you should do this anyway but I have worked in enough places to know this doesn’t always happen). Electric equipment such as computers can generate a lot of heat.
  • Relax your dress code at times of extreme heat. Allow men and women to wear loose fitting clothes, short sleeves and open toed shoes.
  • Encourage your employees to drink a lot of fluid, and ensure the fridge is always stocked with plenty of water.
  • Pop some ice lollies in the freezer for your team

When the sun is beating down I have found my colleagues to spend many minutes looking out of the windows and longing to be outdoors.  If you are seeing a lot of wasted time from your disgruntled team why not allow for some extra breaks throughout the day.  I find encouraging my team to compete a set amount of work in order to be allowed to step outside and relax in the sun for half an hour to be extremely beneficial.

Sometimes the Thought of Missing Out is Too Much

At the end of the day air conditioning is a must but even in cool offices the thought of missing out on some sun can still reduce the productivity in any office. Try the tips above and see if your team are more responsive this summer. Work can still be completed, and your employees will be more willing to put the time in for some sunny rewards.

An office which is cool and comfortable will help to ensure your employees or team remain alert and productive. Visit and find an air conditioning unit within your budget.