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Here are some tips to create professional and attractive wordpress web pages for users.

Today we can find several websites with graphics and excellent designs, but have overlooked the most important goal when creating web pages: the user, and for this reason is that I write this post with some recommendations to make web pages, not very consistent because we implement on our website great effects, great graphics and great images if you’re going to take forever to download, worst of all, many times this number of elements devoid of content and therefore effort Creative have been in vain.

Our main suggestions all create web pages are particularly addressed to facilitate the user experience, ie to improve usability without this element because any work carried out in the design of our website will be convenient, and then see the suggestions create web pages that will present at the time of sitting in front of your computer to design.

Top Tips to create web pages.

1. – Navigation.

Have a good navigation is essential for users to access the site options without major difficulties, one of the simplest way to accomplish this is by placing the main menu on the most visible part of the website, ie the place to which the user’s gaze comes first.

Our main goal is that you can go one place or another web page with two clicks maximum as well as from our website that we can go to any page of the same website.

2. – Uses input phrases.

The phrases or slogans are very important in a web page, therefore they must be placed on your home page so that the user has an idea of the place from entering it, this is one of the suggestions to create pages Simple and easy web, however be very useful as it will capture the visitor’s attention immediately and thus create the expectation of it to continue browsing the site.

3. – The internal browser.

Having an internal browser within your website is the best of our suggestions to create web pages since this way you will provide the visitor you an additional way to surf the web and thus find the information of interest, have a internal browser will also ensure a higher rate of visits within your internal pages so that your visitors feel even more attracted to the development of your site.

4. – Use headings to divide the categories of your website.

When you have begun to develop the content of your website through categories or sections, using thematic titles that do are much easier to differentiate and therefore are giving the user a clear indication that this can define what place are located each, ensuring more comfortable reading.

In conclusion the main recommendations to make websites are:

  • Easy for users to find what you are looking to have your contents neat and organized.
  • Stresses in the title and subtitle the main theme of your content
  • Use a sitemap of your site to easily find all content
  • Use paragraphs with subtitles divisions to have a more friendly text.

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