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Disease Overview

Diabetes Mellitus is a non communicable disease affecting people of every age, race and background. Diabetes has a serious implication on the human health as it can cause kidney damage, heart associated problems and blindness. This incurable hormonal disease is causing premature death after every ten seconds worldwide. There are two types of diabetes mellitus i.e. type 1 and type 2. Type 2 diabetes mellitus is the most prevalent. There are anti diabetic drugs present in the market. Out of all, Glucovance is one of the most preferred one.

Tips To Fight With Diabetes

Diabetes Complications

Diabetes has severe consequences on the human body. It can cause following problems such as:

  • Heart associated problems
  • Numbness and pain in nerves
  • Kidney failure
  • Chest pain
  • Dementia

Preventive Measures

Diabetes type 1 is not preventable as underlying causative factor is not known. Generally, no one can rule out the factors that causes type 1 diabetes mellitus. In some cases, genetic susceptibility is one of the reasons that make the person prone to this condition. Some other factors like deficiency of vitamin D and exposure to some pathogens like viruses also causes type 1 diabetes mellitus. Some studies have revealed that exclusive breastfeeding and late introduction of solid food to an infant reduces the chances of developing type 1 diabetes mellitus.

In case of type 2 diabetes, it can be prevented by overcoming the few factors like obesity, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, fatty diet and smoking. They can be prevented by below mentioned measures:

  • Be in Shape – Excessive deposition of fat in your body increases stress and can make you insulin resistant. One can prevent the condition by increasing their physical activity.  Regular work out, yoga and other breathing exercises really helps to burn extra fat and calories consumed. Try to balance out the calories. For kids, involve them in outdoor activities like swimming, as it will help them to burn excess fat and makes them active.
  • Don’t be a Couch Potato: The sedentary lifestyle makes the person susceptible to type 2 diabetes mellitus.  Long working hours especially for the person who have desk job becomes very lazy and does not spend much time for the work out. Routine work out like brisk walk for at least 45 minutes is very crucial for their healthy life. Always motivate your child to involve in outdoor activities rather than opting for indoor activities like watching TV and Video games.
  • Sugar Free Approach- Implement changes in your regular consumed diet. Avoid eating sugar enriched items like canned vegetables, soft drinks, sodas and flavored drinks. Switch to following food items such as:
    • Vegetables like spinach, broccoli, carrots, pumpkin and beans
    • Use olive oil and increase your fiber intake
    • Eat blueberries, grapes and bananas
    • Go for high fiber breakfast cereal
    • Opt for whole wheat pasta and grain bread
    • Increase the intake of antioxidant rich food items
    • Eat bran flakes and brown rice.
    • Avoid Smoke– smoking increases the chances of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus. Quit smoking by taking appropriate steps. Drugs like nicotine replacement therapy and medications are available that helps lessen smoking censsation.

Glucovance an Anti Diabetic Drug

Glucovance contains two active ingredients Glibenclamide and Metformin Hcl that helps in controlling the bloods sugar levels in the body. Glucovance stimulates insulin secretion and increase the sensitivity of the cells to insulin. Glucovance 500mg  is manufactured by Bristol Myers Squibb a pharmaceutical giant. Glucovance has shown excellent patient compliance with maximum potency and least toxicity.

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