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Body fat distribution is due to a hormonal pattern and everybody is concerned when the belly grows and it also lifts the skin by the side flanks because this is the area highly prone to accumulate fat followed by buttocks and saddlebags. Women accumulate more fat in the bottom of the body.

Allowing fat to accumulate in different areas of the body is not only a question of age and aesthetic, but it can be very dangerous for health too. Abdominal fat or cellulite is associated with increased risk of heart disease and cancer. Moreover, it is one of the factors that make up the metabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions that increase the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

For women it gets tricky because the fat is accumulated in the lower part of the body and is much more stubborn than that found in the abdominal area. According to an article published in the International Journal of Obesity, tissue accumulates around the hips, thighs and buttocks. There are more studies which show the truth about cellulite with a higher fat accumulation associated with the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Tips To Improve The Most Complex Parts Of The Body

The fat in thighs and buttocks acts as a natural filter trap and accumulates some very harmful substances such as fat cells released into the visceral fat area or would be deposited in different parts of the body where they could do much damage. The excess of fat also has its down side, putting weight on your back and knees. So it is best to get to work and before declaring war against love handles and excess fat. Let’s be honest, if you really want to combat the accumulated fat, you have to work and take it seriously.

First of all, you have to review your eating habits. As you know, you have to eliminate, though temporarily, some foods from your diet, so you will not be able to enjoy bread, biscuits, bakery products, sweets, snacks, chocolate chips, fizzy drinks, sausage and fried foods. You also must minimize the consumption of sugar and salt as well as avoid sauces and condiments.

The second recommendation is to have more water and fiber and from now fruits and vegetables are your best friends in the morning, at mid-morning noon and in the afternoon. Forget the coffee with biscuits and cereal bowl. The best liquid is juice of orange, kiwi or pineapple which you can accompany with a boiled egg and toast. Remember that the allowed foods can be eaten in moderation. Here are some other good and essential foods you should include in your anti-fat or weight loss plan.


Broccoli brings a lot of vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, calcium and folic acid. It is a nutrient resource that helps regulate the digestive section and you feel more satisfied after a meal.

Spinach, Kale or Cabbage

They have lots of vitamins and nutrients and anti-cancer properties and help metabolize fats. They also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium iodine and helps in burning extra fat in the body.

Citrus Foods

They have lower insulin levels, promote weight loss and strengthen the immune system. Grapefruit or orange are excellent foods to help burn additional fat in this group.


Apples contain pectin in ITS shell, a gelatinous substance that slows down your digestion and generates a lot of fullness, preventing you to eat more and also absorbs fats.


It is rich in potassium, protein, natural sugars, which give you more energy, and fiber. It also contains a chemical that helps to be relaxed and happy.

You should include good proteins from, white meat and oily fish. Once you are clarified about food, you have to focus on the ways to avoid sedentary lifestyle.

Aerobic Exercises

Exercises such as running, swimming or spinning help remove fat from the entire body. You have to complete your program with targeted exercises.


In order to tone the stomach, the best exercise is the crunches; you have to do crunches for upper and oblique.

You can also do Pilates, yoga, squats, lateral raises, leg raises with knee flexion for getting perfect upper and lower body.